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16 of Our Favourite #ExpatWoman Moments this Month

We love catching up with what our fellow EWers are doing across the world...

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28 March 2017

Last updated on 17 October 2017
16 of Our Favourite #ExpatWoman Moments this Month

While the heart of ExpatWoman lies in the United Arab Emirates, we're constantly reaching out to expats living across the globe. 

From the corners of China, to Singapore, Ireland and way across over to the United States, our following stretches continents. 

To help us keep track of what everyone is up to, we encourage our EWers to use #ExpatWoman on their social media profiles so we can have a peek into their exciting lives and expat journey. 

We've hand-picked 16 of our favourite from this month... 

1. Visiting The Great Wall of China


A post shared by Sandra I 29 (@_wundertollig_) on

2. A day at Istanbul's racecourse

3. Perfect weather for the waterpark in Singapore


A post shared by Jaclyn Douglas (@jackyhair) on

4. Just hanging with a white raccoon in South Korea


A post shared by spanster (@spanster) on

5. Rainy days in Zurich, Switzerland


A post shared by Celine (@celinedutta) on

6. Walking the streets of Melbourne


A post shared by Erin(@bohemian_napcity) on

7. Beautiful views in the Philippines


A post shared by @janegottago on

8. The Philadelphia skyline


A post shared by Claire (@clairebear_xo) on

9. Making friends and memories in Goa, India


A post shared by Erin Iversen (@iverseen) on

10. Desert safari adventures in Abu Dhabi


A post shared by Melissa (@lovefandal) on

11. Stunning landscapes in Dublin, Ireland


A post shared by @opzndrekes on

12. Mother's Day loving from Kuwait


A post shared by Lindsay (@thepearlcurriculum) on

13. The end of Spring Break in Austin, Texas

14. Watching the football in Atlanta, Georgia

15. Braving heights in Spain's city of Madrid


A post shared by Brenna Lee (@blmolina16) on

16. Beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica


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Are you an EWer living the expat life? Remember to tag us on social media using #ExpatWoman so we can see your journey!