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4 Top Tips When Moving To A New Country

Planning on moving countries any time soon? These 4 tips will help you with your decision...


With the world feeling smaller, job opportunities present themselves in new and distant lands more easily. Flights are getting more accessible than ever before and we are taking those chances.

Let's be honest, experiencing a new culture opens your mind and if you are moving to the heat from the cold or vice versa, it is just another reason to be grateful for the new adventure and change.

However, when it comes to making that leap, it is easy for us to rush the process or even go too cautiously to the point we don't take it at all.

So these are 4 top tips of advice I would give when moving to a new country.

1. Visit the country you plan to live in.

You would think this is a simple one, but when you have picked up a stellar job opportunity somewhere abroad it is very easy to be caught up in the hype.

Visiting somewhere for a short time before you make the leap allows you to get a feel of your likely sights, smells and sounds.

You might be fearful of dogs, for example, so going to a particular part of a country where the amount of stray dogs is higher, would not necessarily be a great fit for you.

However, I have often arrived in a country and immediately known it would be my home for a while - following your gut is the key here.

2. Don't ship until you know

If you can, spend some time in the job and country before you put your house in boxes and ship it - even extra baggage can be too much.

If you are able to just exist with the basics for a few months until you get a feel for all the local information...local information you will never find on the world wide web and is worth its weight in gold when travelling.

With this kind of planning, you will get your new home in a location that suits the areas you like and is easy for your commute. N

Nothing on any forum or internet search engine will tell you the traffic patterns, the best street of a neighbourhood or allow you to meet someone who knows someone who is renting a great value property for the right person.

3. Research things to join

I would suggest you do this prior but also during your first month in your chosen country.

To know that when you move to a new country there will be hobbies or activities that you or your family will be able to join will improve your living experience greatly.

This has a number of benefits such as human connection, as talked about in my previous articles, is a key driver for happiness, so when in a situation that is uncertain; like being in a new country, being sure to do things to support the release of happy hormones will help a lot.

4. Prepare your communication before you leave

When you leave your life, family and friends for the first time the pull to be at home will likely be very high.

I suggest getting everyone you care about prepared and linked on Facetime, Skype or another form of visual communication that you can use in that country.

Some countries have restrictions so its key to research and set it up before you go. This will help you always feel connected to those you love, allow that initial pull to subside long enough to get through your first period of time.

Being prepared for not having someone on your doorstep but still maintaining contact is in my opinion, one of the keys to staying the course when moving to a new country.

Mostly though embrace it, be mindful each day and enjoy the freedom of travel.