The 5 Best Countries for Expats to Build Their Career |

The 5 Best Countries for Expats to Build Their Career

Are you looking to move abroad to help develop your career and exceed in your knowledge and skill set?

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25 October 2016

Last updated on 19 October 2017
The 5 Best Countries for Expats to Build Their Career

When it comes to expatriate living, our career is often the primary driving force behind the decision to move and live abroad. 

As a result when planning, it's important to consider the country's economic situation and its affects on job security, salaries and prospects

To help us assess working situations in a country that we would love to move to, information and surveys open to the public like the 2016 Working Abroad Index by InterNations (which surveyed just 67 countries) are extremely useful.

In their 2016 survey, the following five countries were ranked as the top five for expats to live in to develop their career... 

Working life in Luxembourg

1. Luxembourg

This country is developed, with an advanced economy that no doubts attracts expats from worldwide. With an extremely popular finance sector, Luxembourg is the ideal place for any expat eager to puruse a career in this industry. Plus, with the country's status as a European capital, it's common for expats to select a job in the public sector, also. Life as an expat here is well-balanced between both work and leisure, and job security is evident for all professionals working and living here.  

Overall life here is pleasant, with people living here found to be incredibly friendly and helpful. Luxembourg is a beautiful country, that boasts lovely small cities for any expat eager to get away from big city living. Plus, the country's in close proximity to other interesting European locations like Paris and Strasbourg. Nevertheless, families may find it difficult to settle her with a lack of consistency in healthcare services, international and private schools as well as transportation options.

Working life in Taiwan

2. Taiwan

In the island of Taiwan, the traditional and modern are interlaced in a beautiful, co-existing way. You could be sitting atop an office building gazing down the street, lit with lanterns, eating Dan zai noodles in an oversized Starbucks cup. Expats who charged through the language barrier by actually learning Mandarin, will have another world opened to them. 

In terms of job prospects, teachers, academic staff and researchers are strongly represented in Taiwan. Alongside academia and education, the manufacturing and IT industries stand out in this country, plus, there's plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs to build and develop their own business. Taiwan ranks high when the work-life balance is considered for the expatriate lifestyle, plus it's ranked 3rd in terms of job security. 

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Some fun facts to know about working in Taiwan includes that the concept of 'face' is a popular one... Meaning, an individual or company governs their actions and behaviour to give 'face', lose 'face' or save 'face', and not necessarily mean act in the best interest of the interest! Plus, when greeting someone expect to shake hands, use formal itles and by greeted or introduced to the most important person first. 

Working life in Germany

3. Germany

In Germany, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified professionals to acquire, which is mainly thanks to the country's stable economy. With a population of over 82.4 million people, living here means you're in oen of Europe's most populous countries, and it is a cosmopolitan place of diversity and modernitity. Far from the tranquil lifestyle of Luxembourg ranked #1, Germany has its own unique personality and character... Which makes it a fascinating place to live! 

It's an interesting country, and both lively and affordable to live in. Understandably ranked third in the Working Abroad Index 2016, Germany offers expats job security, career prospects and the perfect balance between working life and social life. 

Over the years, the expatriate population in Germany has gradually increased, and today there is an estimated 250,000 expats living here. The standard of schooling, education and healthcare is high, as well as public transportation, making the country a pleasant place to live for any expat, as well as their families. 

Expat working life in new zealand

4. New Zealand

A a prominent migration place in the world, it's no wonder expats are lured to New Zealand. Boasting beautiful, natural landscapes, geographical features, coupled with comfortable living conditions, plus sound healthcare facilities and education system... Who doesn't want to live here? 

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While the country is ranked 20 in terms of job prospects, any expat who is able to secure a job can have peace of mind in knowing their job is both secure and won't interfere with their social life too much. 

Working life in malta

5. Malta

It's no surprise expats are drawn to the sunny lifestyle in Malta, as English is widely spoken, it's in the European Union - an attractive feature for many younger expat nowadays - as well as its adoption of the Euro. While the country may be small, Malta has a developing economy that has managed to withstand the economic crisis, and maintain a moderately low unemployment rate in comparison to neighbouring EU coutnries. 

Popular sectors that expats are attracted to work in here are the online gaming, financial, IT and tourism industries. If you are an EU citizen, joining the Maltese workforce is relatively easy otherwise third country national's will find it easy to seek a job if they have a good command of the English langage and highly demanded skills. The country ranked high in both job prospects and security, and #20 when it comes to work-life balance.