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5 Proven Techniques that Reduces Stress and Tiredness

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25 October 2015

Last updated on 25 October 2017
5 Proven Techniques that Reduces Stress and Tiredness

We hear about Happiness everywhere; When we watch TV, when we read fashion magazines, when we look at our friends Facebook amazing parties and holiday posts, everywhere we are sold a dream life that seems so perfect...the only problem is that it does not seem to be the case for us every single day of your life!

Coaches promise magic success methods, the lottery promises you will never work again, magic pills sellers and gurus all sell their recipe to enjoy a stress-free amazing life… but in the end, most of these techniques are delusive and we just keep watching and thinking about happiness without living it fully. Why? Because we have some ideas about what it looks like, what we should do but the truth is that we rarely take radical action.

Maybe for the most courageous among us we make New Year resolutions and forget about it two weeks later. 

Happiness requires a daily practice with a well-established routine of actions you put into place to gain optimum health, optimum positive thoughts, optimum success and optimum happiness.

We are the results today of our repeated past actions. If we want to change our life, we need to take actions and change the way we have always lived.

This is good news because our future will be the result of what we are going to practice daily from now on. Here are five powerful tools active women should have with them to feel happy and relaxed:

Good food for our body

Preferably eat organic food as it contains fewer pesticides and has higher energy.

Reduce red meat and pork, salt intakes, readymade food, refined sugar and wheat.

Abstain from drinking cow milk if you can. Prefer white meat of organic quality, eggs, fish fished in the Ocean or organic, vegetables and fruits, goat cheese and almond milk.

Eat at peace when possible and take a few seconds to be silent before you start your meal. Also, give some exercise to your body.

By walking 30 minutes a day, you get rid of 90% of all volatile acids stocked in your body by expelling them out through your lungs...this way you can reduce your acidosis by 2 PH grades.

Good food for your mind

Our mind is filled with stress, fears and negativity in modern societies. Swim back stream by switching off your TV for a few days, take a mobile and social media break for 2 hours a week (until you reach one day per week) and listen to music which relaxes your brain.

A British study showed that jazz music and rock music are the music styles that make the horses display the more stressful behaviors and disturbed eating patterns, with jazz being the most aversive of all kinds of music on horses.

So maybe choose classical music which is said to favor intellectual focus, relaxation and sexual arousal during a romantic evening.

And as our mental never stops thinking to the past and future, we need to set it on enjoying the - here and now - moment.

Fitness, meditation and prayer are the most efficient techniques to free our mind from daily concerns and feed our spirit positively. 

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Reserve 5 minutes per day to practice happiness

Be determined to schedule some time off for yourself every day to practice happiness.

It can be 5 or 10 minutes per day until you reach 20 to 30 minutes a day.

First, commit to take five deep breathes when you wake up and five deep breathes before you go to bed.

This will calm down your mental and free some space for creativity and relaxation.

Then take 5 minutes during the day to do something you really enjoy doing just for yourself.

It can be watching a funny video, reading an article, buy a new lipstick, eat a 4 scoops ice-cream, looking at the sea...whatever you feel doing just for yourself and by yourself.

This “5 minute absolute happiness for myself” moment is essential to your well-being so don’t miss it.

happy woman

Be assertive and attract success

Attract success by declaring positive comments about yourself.

Repeat at least ten times per day, I am a wonderful person, everything is good in the world that is mine now, I am good at my work, I am attractive, I speak with confidence, I am a good wife/mother etc...our brain barely makes the difference between our thoughts and what really happens.

If we say negative things to ourselves it is likely that they will happen as our brain set itself for failure. If we proclaim positive declarations, our brain will set itself for joy and success.

Write your dreams

At last, one of the most powerful tools that only a few people know and practice to avoid discontentment and frustration, is to write down your dreams on a piece of paper and review it every night before you sleep.

Did you know that 67% of the wealthiest people do it whereas only 11% of the poor do it? Many of the dreams I wrote down one year or two years ago are now reality! Trust me and try!

Health, Energy and Happiness are more than mere luck.

It requires practice and daily action that will lead you to make your life better.

One last figure that may convince you to start doing it is the fact that 87% of rich people believe that good habits create opportunity luck whereas only 4% of the poor think so.

So are you ready to begin?

Justine LamboleyJustine Lamboley is a Naturopath and Energy healing practitioner as well as Author of Practice Happiness, The Energy of Life. You can follow her for more advice on Twitter, @JustineLamboley . She knows how it feels to be an ExpatWoman as she has lived in Nice, Paris and Muscat (Oman).