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5 Simple Ways to Become an Innovative Person

Easy tasks you can do to make your quest for innovation a daily habit!

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19 November 2015

Last updated on 25 October 2017
5 Simple Ways to Become an Innovative Person

Innovation. It's a word you hear a lot nowadays, and it's easy to talk about it. There's no doubt it's one of your personal goals or a target at work... To be more innovative! To think of more innovative ideas and goals.

But while it's easy to talk about, it's not that easy to do, and it's even harder to adopt these habits into your daily life.


So we've come up with just five simple habits you should introduce into your routine to ensure you up your innovation game. 

1. Turn "Can't" into "Can If"

Problems are a natural roadblack, which often lead us to feel a little paralysed. But never fear! Instead of throwing your hands up and walking away, next time you find yourself brainstorming, don't say "we can't because...", instead try starting the sentence with "we can if..." instead!

For example, if you have a project or venture that you'd like to follow but you feel you don't have enough manpower. Instead of saying "we can't because we don't have the money", instead explore your options... "We can if... We find talented writers, or designers or technicians and offer them mentorship and teaching instead." See how that works? It would be a win-win for both parties.

2. Ask Impossible Questions

It may sound strange, but by asking impossible questions - and not simply, hard questions - you allow space for the level of your ambition with the problem itself. Consequently, this will act as a surge for creativity and will allow you to rapidly move into problem-solving mode almost instantly. 

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3. Put Constraints on Yourself

If you've got a personal or work-related project to focus on, but have not set yourself constraints or deadlines, this is the first thing you must do. Put constraints on yourself. Deliberately limit your time, budget or resources to aid in completing the project.

For example, if you have a task such as video content or a podcast series, just force yourself an allocated time per day or week to allow yourself to work toward that goal. 

4. Go Back in Time

Look back at methods and services used previously that were used by yourself, or in your sector years ago, and that have no fallen out of use or expired. Are you able to bring one of those methods back in a new, updated form? 

5. Ask For Feedback

Whether it's from your partner, your friends, your clients, your customers... Ask how you could improve your product or service and we're sure you'll receive plenty of ideas for incremental innovations. By collecting them all, you'll have plenty of requests that you can carefully choose from and adopt the ones that will really pay back for you.