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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

It's an annual day that celebrates the social, economic and political developments of women

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28 February 2016

Last updated on 18 October 2017
5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Woman's Day (IWD) is a holiday celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th, and has celebrated achievements of women as well as promoting gender parity for over 100 years now.

In honour of IWD, there are different ways that you can join in to celebrate global sisterhood and self-love across the 24 hours that spotlights women’s successes and places emphasis on the continued need for equality under the law.

So to help make your IWD particularly womanly, here’s some ideas that you can adopt to celebrate this coming IWD!

1. Treat yourself and fellow women

In countries like Armenia, Mongolia and Azerbaijan, IWD is regarded as a public holiday and everyone is given a day off. If you live in a country that has unfortunately not afforded the same day off, why not take March 8th as a time to indulge in a day’s worth of self-care? Enjoy a scented bath, exfoliate with a face mask or grab your girls for a ladies night in with favourite snacks, TV shows and films! Or you could just head out for a night on the town with your sisters. Enjoy!

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2. Get involved with an organisation dedicated to women’s issues

There are plenty of campaigns and efforts that you can get involved with to show your support for IWD and in solidarity with fellow women. We’re sure your local charities or organisations around your hometown will be hosting some sort of event in honour of IWD, so do a spot of research and see how you can get involved to give support to the women around you… While also promoting the needs and advances of other women around the world!

3. Paint the town purple

Purple is the official colour of IWD. In fact, the pigment of choice dates back to the suffrage days of the early 1900s, when purple was closely associated with the women’s suffrage movement. The colour itself is meant to symbolise dignity and justice… So for IWD, why don’t you and your friends douse yourself in anything and everything purple!

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4. Discuss what IWD means to you and your girlfriends

This one is the perfect excuse for a brunch with your nearest and dearest! Get together with your female friends to celebrate and raise awareness of gender inequality. Discuss what IWD means to you, while also enjoying delicious food and drink! We’re sure everyone will have a great time.

5. Start a book club!

Read books by female authors or read some classic feminist texts together with your female friends.