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7 Expat Instagram Accounts to Follow

Here's some of our favourite expat accounts to follow on Instagram for life inspo, advice and tips!

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14 November 2016

Last updated on 31 July 2019
7 Expat Instagram Accounts to Follow

There's no denying that in our expatriate lifestyles, we're fortunate enough to be able to witness wondrous things, visit magnificent landscapes and broaden our knowledge of all different cultures and practices. 


Of course, a perk of moving abroad means you're able to explore an entirely different world that you're used to... Often leaving us as very well-rounded human beings. 

If you're an expat yourself, or you're considering the big jump to living abroad, here's some of our favourite Instagrammers to help give you that little bit of encouragement in deciding... Get ready to reel with envy at the amazing lives of these fellow expatriate women living in various countries around the world! 


A photo posted by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on


Her dreamy pictures truly capture the beauty that can be found in the French Capital of Paris. After moving there for just four months, Carin Olsson moved with the aim to learn the language and more about the Parisian culture. Understandably, after returning back to her home in Sweden, she began planning her more permanent move and now shares her adventures in the city! 

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A photo posted by A Lady in London (@aladyinlondon) on


As an award-winning blogger, the expat behind the popular account A Lady in London hails from San Francisco in the United States, and moved to London to live as an expat. Her job has actually taken her to over 102 countries - and counting! - and her adventures make for posts that are utterly beautiful on her Instagram account. 


While her account may not have thousands and thousands of followers, Tarisa Poirier Shelton's Instagram account showcases her love in South Korea. Originally from Arizona in the United States, Tarisa's photography works wonders when it comes to capturing her expatriate adventure in South Korea. 


Born in Sofia, Gabi had a stint in Milan, and now lives in Bangkok and has found her true calling in life. We've no doubt you'll love her posts about cool places, boutiques and eateries that she discovers in her expat life in Bangkok. We're sure that if you're considering a move to the Asian country, her account will help you decide 100%! 


Another one of our fellow EWers who was kind enough to answer some questions of ours is Gina Bear! She's a YouTuber and blogger who focuses on life in Korea and Japan and aims to inspire her followers to travel and gives great expatriate tips and advice about living in both countries. Her feed is full of life, colour, beautiful landscapes and interesting costumes. 


A photo posted by thisgirlabroad (@thisgirlabroad) on


Dubbing herself as a food lover, travel-holic and adventurer, the lady behind this account hails from Canada. Her about me section explains how she's eating her way through Hong Kong, without any plans to slow down...And we only wish we could join her! Enjoy her worldwide travels, restaurant reviews and insights into her daily lifestyle as an expat.

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This Instagram accounts belong to the travel and lifestyle blog, The Department of Wandering, owned by the lovely Rachel Bale. Currently living in Melbourne, she's moving to New Zealand soon for her expat adventure, and we're just so excited to see more updates from her and her adventures!