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Portable Careers that are Perfect for Expats

Learn all about portable careers, if you have one and why they're the best when you're an expat.

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22 November 2015

Last updated on 25 October 2017
Portable Careers that are Perfect for Expats

It's a phrase you may not have come across before, but we're sure you're familiar with the industries that are classed as portable. You see, a portable career is any type of work or job that you can do from wherever you are... You don't need to be in a specific place at a specific time to do it! 

For expatriates, this means that you can do your work with just your computer, an Internet connection and some expertise. Portable careers are most definitely a great benefit for you, as you get to keep your job while moving abroad.


You may already work in a portable industry, and thus when moving abroad you can take your career with you. If not, why not think of ways that you can make your job portable? If you have a specialised skill or knowledge, conjour up ways you can offer it to clients and customers without being tied to an office. 

Here we explore the top types of portable careers... 


Whether it's travel writing, blogging, copywriting, proofreading, editing, content marketing, feature writing, social media writing and social media management... There's so much more career paths and opportunities available to those who love the written word. And yes, it can be done remotely, from anywhere around the world as long as you have a working keyboard and Internet connection. 

Many expats find success in monetising their blogs, or writing books and articles for companies as a freelancer. Because so much of a writer's work can be done virtually and on your own, it's an extremely portable profession. All creative professions can be considered as a portable career, which brings us onto the next one...

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Be it as a travel photographer, wedding photographer, photo blogging or providing images for stock photography. You and your camera can travel to and visit anywhere in the world and is marketable wherever you go. 


Individuals who class themselves as life-coaches are rarely found until you indeed move abroad as an expatriate. After moving, you'll realise that life-coaches are a hugely popular thing... And a very portable profession to have! The freedoms and flexibilities of being a life-coach results in so many different types; career coaches, real estate, lifestyle, business executives and so any more! 

If you have a professional background, and wish to teach others and coach people with similar backgrounds to you, then becoming a life-coach would be the perfect portable job for you. 

Therapeutic Careers

Meaning, if you provide services as a physical therapist, masseuse or even a nutritionist, you have a very portable career! By working in one of these career paths, you can work independently and serve your clients online and in person. 

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As technology advances more and more, more and more IT professionals are able to work remotely to assist clients and customers online. Especially digital and computer programmers who are able to access systems remotely, or websites from afar, these are fantastically portable!


You might think, huh? Teaching requires you to be in a classroom. And yes, you're right to some extent... However, expats have a huge advantage of being able to grasp the opportunity to teach and share their native language to the students of their new country. Especially English teachers, where there's a huge demand for across the Middle East and Asia. 

Alternatively, you can share your expertise and knowledge online as more and more schools, colleges and universities around the world offer online and distance learning. And for any language lovers, cooking lovers or mathmaticians out there... You could consider sharing your skill by offering Skype lessons. All from the comfort of where you are at that given time!