Reasons Why Everyone Should Live Abroad at Least Once |

Reasons Why Everyone Should Live Abroad at Least Once

Moving overseas and adopting expat lite is rewarding in so many different ways

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5 April 2016

Last updated on 17 October 2017
Reasons Why Everyone Should Live Abroad at Least Once

Whether it's for a short six month period, or over a solid ten years, everyone should live abroad as an expat at least once in their lifetime. It's a fundamentally different experience than just visiting a new place for a few days or weeks...


You see, the entire process of moving to and adapting to a new place and having to find and build new routines in your new home challenges you in a way that ensures that life will never be the same again for you. 

There are many reasons people dream of relocating to a new land, and many fail to actually make it happen; perhaps overwhelmed by technicalities of setting up home from scratch. 

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Nonetheless, if you approach moving abroad with the right mind, you will most definitely benefit in ways you can't imagine. It's life-affirming and life-changing and provides plenty of opportunities for the willing individual. Are you brave enough to make the first step?

1. Materialistic things will no longer matter to you nearly as much as experieces and memories made. 

2. You'll learn to live more in the moment, and stop waiting for things to happen.

3. Adapting to a new home will help you to discover more about yourself. 

4. You'll surprise yourself with what you're capable of achieving. 

5. You'll learn to relax; no longer will you feel constantly pressured to see and discover new places, you can do that in your new home!

6. Surviving out of your comfort zone will help you to face any challenges that come your way.

7. You'll find that you can feel at home in an entirely different place.

8. Seeing what's possible will only drive you further to succeed.

9. Sampling new places will help your creative thoughts. 

10. New experiences will encourage you to think outside of the box. 

11. You will learn how to be alone. 

12. Embracing uncertainty may no longer feel uncomfortable for you. 

13. You will become really good at making new friends...

14. And you'll build more meaningful relationships in your new country.

15. Your confidence will most definitely increase. 

16. You'll discover how much you can learn from so many different people who may be very different from you.

17. Saying "yes" will become your new word, and you'll discover how easy it is to embrace the unexpected. 

18. The ability to accept things don't always go to plan, and how to make the best out of any situation will come naturally to you.

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19. Living abroad will teach you how to ask for help.

20. Networking in a foreign country will help you to develop skills and confidence needed... 

21. Therefore, your employablity will be better as you'll have a competitive edge.

22. Living abroad will help you realise what's important to you.

23. Conneting with different communities from around the world will ensure you really embrace diversity.

24. You will naturally become a more resilient character. 

25. Self-suffiency and encouraging yourself will only be natural now. 

26. You'll learn how to negotiate better and efficiently. 

27. Your language skills will improve dramatically. 

28. You'll realise that there are limitless new ways of thinking and perceiving the world...

29. Including a new perspecting on your home country. 

30. The definition of normal is completely redefined for you now. 

31. Expatriate life is a constant challenge, which allows you to constantly develop your life and your character for the good. 

32. You'll learn to thrive on doing brand new things with new people. 

33. We can guarantee your cooking abilities will improve and your recipe knowledge will broaden. 

34. You will have the chance to understand your new country like a local by travelling slowly and understanding their culture. 

35. You'll develop a taste for things you may never have considered before. 


There's so many different benefits of moving abroad, which will of course vary from person to person. We want to hear what you think are the benefits? Tweet us at @ExpatWoman or join us on Facebook to discuss!