Three Effective Ways To Overcome Your Gym Resistance |

Three Effective Ways To Overcome Your Gym Resistance

You don’t have to go to the gym to be fit, but you should feel totally comfortable in the gym space if you do...

Gym Resistance

Much of the fitness industry has been evolving toward this confusing fusion of the outer edges of the medical and beauty industries.

With “do or die” urgency, medical professionals rightly look at the health of their patients and conclude that these conditions (elevated cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, obesity, for example) can be directly addressed by a more active lifestyle. “You need to exercise more,” is a common unwritten prescription - an unchecked though possibly overwhelming directive.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are 3 ways you can begin to overcome your gym resistance.

1. You are not the un-fittest person ever to walk into that gym.

In the eyes of true fitness professionals, you’re just another person - there is nothing especially special about you. Don’t be insulted, this is good - no one likes to stand out as the “night-mare client,” and you can rest assured, they’ve seen worse. As a follow up, you should know that they probably think you are brave and special for coming in.

They know that it is not easy to make that first step. For the most part, fitness professionals are awesome - they are passionate about their role in helping people change - trust that.

2. Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes progress.

One of the best counterbalances to the all-or-nothing hype of the commercial fitness industry that would have you “go hard or go home” has been the soft whispers of Yoga making her way into the gym and group fitness classes. “Good enough is fine for today, let’s see what tomorrow has in store…” Yoga is a practice that builds both confidence and competence through repetition, consistency and a sense of curiosity and self acceptance, and women who take this approach to their stamina and strength training benefit from the long term consistency that patience brings rather than that of short term goal-smashing mind-set.

3. Shift toward a more feminine vocabulary.

The masculine vocabulary of the fitness industry dominates the media because it is bold, active and sexy. It resonates with many people, women included. But if you are resistant to exercising in a gym it may be because the language of fitness does not sit well with you.

  • This diet will help you win the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Come in and Kill It in the gym today!
  • You must Fight your cravings to Fight your fat.

This language of war simply does not resonate with all people, and if you find that it elicits an uncomfortable feeling of intensity that you’re not really seeking, take the initiative yourself to change your fitness vocabulary.

  • I am Nourishing my body with the best food I can have.
  • I’m Nurturing my resilience, Growing my confidence and Supporting my wellness goals with daily exercise that challenges me and that I enjoy.
  • I am better able to Care for my family, my career and myself when I prioritize my Self-Care.

Comfort is key

You can exercise in the privacy of your own home, but you should not feel compelled to because you just don’t seem to fit in at the gym. You deserve your place there. Consider taking a short term, more expensive membership so you’re not locked into a long term cheaper membership that you won’t use. Ask for a trial class to see if you will like the instructor before you buy a package that will expire before you use it. And, finally, consider taking the services of a professional personal trainer who can teach you how to use the equipment and help you settle into a manageable routine of stamina and strength building. Many gyms offer a cost-saving option to share a personal trainer, so see if you can go with a friend.