Top 5 English-Speaking Countries for Expats Seeking Relocation |

Top 5 English-Speaking Countries for Expats

If you were looking to move abroad to an Anglophone country, these would be your best choices.

Top 5 English-Speaking Countries for Expats

Want to relocate to a country where majority of its people speaks English? Our list has you covered.

As part of its annual Expat Insider survery, InterNations ranked the most popular English-speaking countries for expats to relocate to.

The survey, which involved more than 14,000 expats, took into consideration ease of settling in, friendliness of the locals as well as the financial and political situation in the country.

Here are the top five Anglophone destinations for expats seeking English-speaking countries.

1. Malta

Not only does Malta rank first as the most popular Anglophone destination, it also ranks quite high in most of the categories, including quality of life, ease of settling in and personal finance.

The survey shows that 90% of expats are happy, with 38% very happy. The weather and climate played a big role in their decision as well.

Top 5 English-speaking countries for expats | Malta

2. New Zealand

Coming in second as an English-speaking destination, New Zealand also takes first place in work-life balance abroad. The global average of expats being satisfied with work abroad is 60 per cent and New Zealand beat that with 79 per cent.

The country also does extremely well with other factors, with 95 per cent of expats happy with the quality of the environment compared to the global average of 67 per cent. The main disadvantage New Zealand expats agreed on was the distance from their home countries.

Top 5 English-speaking countries for expats | New Zealand

3. Australia

If you’re looking for an Anglophone country that’s great for families, Australia is the spot for you. The country ranks quite high on its hospitality, with 82 per cent agreeing that the locals are friendly towards expats.

That percentage goes even higher at 92 per cent for friendliness towards families with children. All respondents indicated that leisure activities for kids were satisfactory.

Top 5 English-speaking countries for expats | Australia

4. Canada

Aside from being one of the top English-speaking countries, Canada attracts expats mainly due to a better quality of life. All respondents gave positive ratings concerning the peacefulness of the country.

Additionally, 37 per cent were quite satisfied with healthcare services and its affordability, in comparison with the global average of 21 per cent. The majority of parents (90%) were also reassured about their children’s health.

Top 5 English-speaking countries for expats | Canada

5. Singapore

Singapore's most notable category is political stability and personal safety.

An overwhelming 100 per cent of respondents indicated a positive answer concerning personal safety and 56 per cent rated the political stability as very good, which is considerably high since the global average is 25 per cent.

When it comes to the best quality of life in English-speaking expat destinations, it ranked second. The state of the economy was also a significant positive for this country.

Top 5 English-speaking countries for expats | Singapore