Top Online Resources to Learn French for Free |

Top Online Resources to Learn French for Free

Are you moving to France and want to learn the local language? Here's some resources you may find useful!

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3 November 2015

Last updated on 31 December 2017
Top Online Resources to Learn French for Free
Learning foreign languages is a beautiful thing. Learning French is a dream of many people as this language is like music to our ears...its romantic, mysterious, full of love and chic!

However, learning a foreign language and French especially can be very expensive and difficult! So if you want to do it you should do it well. The most efficient way of learning foreign language is by taking up the intensive course in the native country. But this is also the most expensive way. 

To help you out we've gathered together a list of useful resources to help you learn the lingo of the French!

Duolingo French

Personally this is the best free online language course available. I have just completed it! It is interesting, interactive, it covers grammar and vocabulary but especially a lot of listening which won’t make you bored. I love the option to type what you hear or their tips and forum. There is a great community which always is happy to help. There are other resources to use like quizzes, articles just to name a few. About 3 million learners trusted the site and used it so it cannot disappoint you.

BBC French

This is professional website to learn French.  Sign up for the newsletter and the lessons will be delivered to you.

The Open University and the Open Culture French

This is one of the largest online universities in the world. You can use the site for its free short courses to improve the French. There are over 800 free courses available and some videos to choose from.

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French Spanish Online

This is a good online FREE course but better French language resource.

French Crazy

French Crazy is a blog and online resources for learning French. So John was born in New York City and has been learning French. He shares his experience and knowledge with others. He helps to discover French lifestyle and culture. The site will teach you French for free, just follow the blog posts and look up interesting resources.


This site is half free and half paid resource for learning French. I use to for free and it is enough for now. It has thousands and I mean thousands of lessons and once you sign up with them they will be delivered to your inbox. It is a good way not to forget to practise French!

Lawless French

This is run by a language professional, Laura Lawless. She is a linguistic specialist and the author of several books on language. She shares a lot of resources for free but also offers paid courses.
Good luck with learning French. It is a beautiful language indeed and it is so rewarding to see how you progress with your commitment to learn it. Do something for yourself...and don't spend a penny!

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