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Wedding Invite Etiquette

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29 July 2015

Last updated on 30 July 2015

Wedding Invite Etiquette

Congratulations, It’s so exciting, you are getting married! 

There have been many of us that have gone through this process at EW. We have put together some tips on how to handle wedding invite list, and hopefully be a stress free task.

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However be warned the invite list is one of those things that might just cause you a headache. Here’s why:

  • Do you want children at your wedding? 

  • Are the parents expecting to invite friends/ colleagues?

  • Budget?

  • You do not know ½ your partners invite list.

  • And the list goes on and on and on

  • Do not forget Aunt Jackie who you have not heard about since you were 10!

Plus Ones

This is a decision you need to make early on and stick to it. Are you going to allow people to bring their partners? Even if you do not know them? What about your single friends and family members? Will you allow them to bring a plus one? If your budget allows it always makes it a nicer experience for your guest to have someone close to them to share the day with. It can be daunting going to wedding by yourself knowing you will not get much time with the people you know the most, the bride and groom. If you decide you will not allow plus ones this is ok too. Just make it very clear from the start, be polite and stick to the rules you have set. It’s your day and its your choice.

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The Parents Guest List

Parents will often want to invite certain friends or colleagues to this special day. If you are lucky enough that they are footing the bill then you cannot really refuse, plus it will make them happier. If you are paying for your own wedding then maybe give the parents a limit to the number of guests they are allowed to invite and explain that it’s due to cost. Then they will have to deiced who it is they want there.

wedding guest list


This is your choice! Some couples weddings are all about children for others it is their worst nightmare. Whatever you decided, make your decision and be polite about. If you are adamant about your decision make it very clear on your invite without offending anyone.

Evening Invites

These guests do not really cost you anything to have them at your evening. So you can afford to be a bit more liberal with the invitation. It’s always great for partners or plus ones as they can join your friends and family in the evening. Unless you are limited by how many people the venue can hold you do not have to worry too much about this.

Why you’re not Invited Invites

This is popular craze that’s started off the USA.  It’s basically sending out a card  to all those distance friends and family members who didn’t quite make the cut and explain to them why they are not invited to your big day! Some of you might find this a useful tool. Let us know if you do!

Second Round

It’s ok if you have a “standby” list of people you would like to upgrade from the evening guest to day guest or just to be invited at all.  Just try and give them plenty of notice and explain that you always wanted to have them there but you were constrained by budgets etc.

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Good luck planning and remember to enjoy this time. The aim of the day is to be married to your love one. Though we all obsess over every little detail it does not make you any less married at the end of the day.