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What Does 'Home' Mean For Expats Living Abroad

Sometimes expat life leaves us struggling to find a place that feels like home

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28 March 2016

Last updated on 18 October 2017
What Does 'Home' Mean For Expats Living Abroad

It's an aspect of the lifestyle we can't prevent; being an expatriate and living abroad will often leave you feeling displaced or disorientated, and at a loss regarding where "home" really is. Especially if you're a third culture kid, or you've moved that many times you haven't really established what society defines as a "home" with foundations. 

Unfortunately, it's a part of the life that to most of us is inevitable, and something that we must deal with. So we asked our EWers... What does home mean for you? Where is home? What is home? And we've gathered their responses here for you to ponder over! 

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Home is...

  1. where my husband and kids are, and right now that is where we are. 
  2. where I am with my husband, have our own things around us, feel happy and comfortable
  3. where I look forward to going after a long day at work
  4. where I can kick off my shoes, hang up my bra and wash off my face then lounge with my husband on the sofa...
  5. where my children are
  6. my mum's home is still home to me
  7. not defined by a geographic location, it is defined by people in that location
  8. where my heart belongs, where I feel happy and comfortable
  9. where we are treated warmly and lovingly by friends
  10. where I am currently residing
  11. where I am living with my family
  12. where I am happy
  13. where it feels safe
  14. where my family and I make wonderful memories, learn many lessons, share celebrations and comfort each other in times of need
  15. a place we work hard for, plan for and take pride in
  16. a sanctuary
  17. where I grew up
  18. where I feel a sense of belonging
  19. a place where I can close the door, lock it, and my world exists on the inside