Seeking villa for short term vacation rental in Sudan - Sept 2 - 17 |

Seeking villa for short term vacation rental in Sudan - Sept 2 - 17

Latest post on 03 August 2016 - 19:05


I'm helping my husband's Syrian family organize a family reunion (no smokers or drinkers) and we are looking to rent a furnished villa for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September 2016 in Sudan. We are thinking Khartoum but are open ideas. We just want to relax, visit with each other and enjoy some family cooking. We need to do this outside of Syria because it's not safe for those of us from UAE, Saudi, Denmark, Canada to visit his parents in Syria.

We tried organizing something in Lebanon but the uncertainty of his parents not being able to cross the border or extend a weekend visa was too great. My husband hasn't seen his parents in over 6 years since the war started in Syria and this is my first chance to meet my in-laws :)

If you or you know someone who has something that would work for us, please let us know. We would need min 5 - 6 bedrooms, equipped kitchen, 3 bathrooms (ideally). It would be nice if the villa had a courtyard or garden.

There would be 10 adults and 6 children gathering (assuming our Danish family members can obtain a visa as there are not Sudanese consular services in Denmark).

If you just have travel tips and suggestions to offer, I'd be happy to hear from you too!

Cyndi :P