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Thinking of going to work in Gibraltar

Latest post on 07 April 2016 - 14:06

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all well. Please can I call on your knowledge for assistance please?

My partner and I are thinking of relocating from Dubai to work in Gibraltar. We have no children together and both work full time, he's an accountant, I work in business continuity/project management/businesss analysis. We're both 38 years old and have worked abroad for some time now although we're both originally from the UK.

I'm interested to know what your experiences of Gibraltar are, in particular:

1. Is it best to live in Gib or live in Spain?
2. If we were to live in Spain, what is it like to get across the border on a daily basis?
3. Is it much cheaper to live in Spain? if so recommendations please?
4. What is life like in Gib/Spain?
5. Is it a friendly place?
6. Is there much to do?
7. What areas would you recommend the rent an apartment?

I know there's a lot of questions but any insight into the above plus any other information you can share with me will be very gratefully received.

Many Thanks in advance,