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moving to Cambodia - share your wisdom

Latest post on 26 July 2016 - 18:29
Hello! We're planning a move to Cambodia at the end of the year, to take some time out. We're bringing our one child (age 10). After brief but not exhaustive research we like the idea of Siem Reap over PP but maybe those with children in this age bracket would be able to advise or put me straight, in terms of community/things going on/day to day life. Currently looking into schools and ideally looking for British Curriculum as it's highly likely we'll end up back in Blighty at some stage, so continuity is good for our case. Looking into International School and St George's which looks rather new (alarm bells or a good thing?). Would my husband need to drive or is it easy enough getting by without our own wheels? SR seems like cycling or scooters are commonly used. Also did anyone bring their cat with them? Making inquiries with a pet relocator and have good info but no idea of price and how complicated it gets. Any wisdom appreciated! And medical insurance - do people usually use a good travel insurance plan or do you get the full monty expat health insurance that's all-singing-all-dancing? Thank you so much in advance