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Latest post on 24 October 2015 - 07:53
Hi ladies, hoping you can assist me! It looks as though we will be relocating from Dubai to Houston in the very near future. I now have the task of searching for schools, areas to live etc. We are originally from Australia and have two children. We have been living in Dubai for the past two and a half years. Our daughter commenced school in Dubai in a British Curriculum School and is currently in year 1 and our son was due to commence September 2016 and is currently in nursery part time here in Dubai. Ideally I was hoping to continue with the British Curriculum with an IB option for later years. I have only come across The British International School Houston, which has very mixed reviews! The IB Curriculum Schools are probably closer to the Australian curriculum and tbh we don't know if or when we may return to Australia so IB might be the way to go. I'm completely confused about which curriculum to choose and which schools have good reputations etc. if anybody has any links or groups they can recommend I join to investigate schooling, areas to live etc it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.