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Understanding how the Ministry of Education works in Hong Kong

If you're moving your children to Hong Kong you'll want to know the aims of the Ministry of Education here.

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16 February 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Understanding how the Ministry of Education works in Hong Kong

A message from Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, SBS, JP
Secretary for Education

University of Hong KongThe aim of education for Hong Kong is to promote students’ whole-person development and life-long learning capabilities. Education helps to unleash human potentials and enhance people qualities and the competitiveness of the HKSAR.

The Education Bureau is responsible for the formulation of policies to ensure that quality education is provided for Hong Kong’s young people.  The Bureau also oversees the implementation of programmes that are designed to bring these objectives to fruition.

The HKSAR government has always attached great importance to education.  Our goal is to progressively establish a diversified and sustainable education system that provides ample opportunities for our young generation to develop their diverse interests and talents to meet their personal aspirations, as well as to contribute to the well-being of our society, our nation, and the world.

Education development is a long term commitment.  As the principal official in charge of the education portfolio, I feel honoured to be part of the highly professional and dedicated team at this important juncture of education development.  Together with the team, we will continue to strive hard to sustain the learning reform through sharing, reviewing lessons learnt as well as improving processes and support measures.  We will also strengthen our partnership and engagement with stakeholders.   With efforts from all, we would bring about a fulfilling as well as a rewarding personal and career life for our students.

Important contact information
Hong Kong Regional Education Office: +852 2863 4646
Kowloon Regional Education Office: +852 3698 4108
NT East Regional Education Office: +852 2639 4876
NT West Regional Education Office: +852 2437 7272

Visit the Education Bureau website for the latest information on education in Hong Kong.