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Chinese, English, Mandarin, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (Business English & Mandarin) Private Tutor

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I can flexibly tailor-made business English and Mandarin teaching program for students from all walks of life, across different age groups and occupations for daily use. I can assist students in learning and practicing the vocabulary, useful phrases and terms used in all professions of business for letter-writing and presentations and business conversation topics under different scenarios & situations. I am an expert in job hunting, I could provide tailored service on writing and proof-reading on application profile, CV, Cover letter and providing interview coaching. I have passed through phone and group interviews facilitated by Human Resources department and then was interviewed by Executive Director, successfully hired by multinational commercial banking, investment banking and financial services institution i.e. Australia New Zealand Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs Inc. I am particularly conversant in teaching writing CV, Cover Letter and offering interview training workshop to aid students and professionals in job hunting targeted at different institutions.

I have seven years of teaching experience in delivering private tutorial class for university, secondary school and primary school students from local and international schools. I was a part-time after-school tutor in a primary school helping students with special need to brush up their English and Mathematics. I also helped CEO of multinational corporate in learning Mandarin for business use. At university, I volunteered as a teacher in Tanzania, East Africa to teach kindergarten and primary level students on subjects i.e. English and Mathematics. I also taught African locals in speaking business Mandarin and using computer.

In regard of Academic achievement, I graduated from University of Nottingham, one of the best universities in the United Kingdom majoring in BA (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management. I was awarded the BP Achievement Award and Nottingham Business School International Student Scholarship. I attained Championship in Deloitte Business Case Writing Competition and AIA Financial Planning Business Presentation Competition. I am culturally conscious. I joined a Summer School Programme at IESEG School of Management in Paris, France focusing on International Business, International Marketing & International Communication. I graduated from Belilios Public School, a prestigious and traditional English medium speaking girl’s school in Hong Kong. I am very proficient in English language. In A Level Use of English Examination, I scored “A” in the Listening and Reading and Language Systems paper. In Cert Level, I scored “A” in the Writing paper. I was awarded the Certificate of Merit in the English Writing Competition organized by Australia Education Link as well as Certificate of Merit, Second Runner Up in Solo Verse Speaking organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. I could speak conversational Mandarin and I attained Certificate of Intermediary Mandarin from Hong Kong Baptist University.

In regard of Music achievement, I was awarded Associate (ATCL) Diploma in Solo Piano Performance. I was the oboist at the Belilios Public School Symphonic Band, a reputable award-winning band in inter-school music competition. In the United Kingdom, I was apprenticed to master teacher and participated in University Choir offering choral performance to local Belgian church community.

I have experience and I am currently admitting the following categories of students:

 Subjects include Chinese, English, Mathematics, Mandarin and General Studies (English and Mandarin poetry reciting competition preparation included)
 Secondary school application report writing and interview coaching

 Subjects include Chinese, English, Mandarin and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (HKDSE/ GCEAL/ GCSE/ IB)
(English and Mandarin poetry reciting competition preparation included)
 Overseas university application personal statement writing and interview coaching

 Business English and Mandarin, Essay and thesis writing, CV and Cover Letter writing, job interview preparation

 Business English and Mandarin, Business English writing, CV and Cover Letter writing, job interview preparation

To conclude, I am experienced in teaching seniors in multinational corporates, local and overseas university students and local and international secondary and primary school students. I could be reached by the following means:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 852 6430 7589