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Selling furniture

Latest post on 02 December 2015 - 04:48

Hi everyone,
I've been in HK for just under 4 months and due to family reasons, need to move back home by Feb. Unfortunately, I had leased an apartment but my landlord is very understanding given the circumstances, and will work with me to find another tenant. Now I need to sell my furniture very quickly and I know that you can put ads on Geoexpat, however, I don't want to leave it to just one source. If there are expats that are moving to HK or have just moved, I'd love to know. I live in Taikoo Shing.

But apart from selling my furniture and winding up here, what I wanted to also share is the experiences that I have had coming here. And one of them is that when you lease an apartment, just as the landlord wants to know your background, it is VERY IMPORTANT to know who the landlord is and what you will be dealing with in a worst case scenario. I am lucky (touch wood!) that I have a well educated landlord.