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Charities and support groups

Giving back is one thing that people can do on an individual or community basis and expats in Hong Kong.

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18 March 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Charities and support groups

Giving back is one thing that people can do on an individual or community basis and expats in Hong Kong can give back to a charitable foundation of their choice. The Hong Kong government website has a complete list of charities and non profit organisations. Here we list the most prominent ones in Hong Kong.

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CaritasCaritas Hong Kong
Caritas–Hong Kong (Caritas) was founded in July 1953 by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The primary purpose of its establishment was to offer relief and rehabilitation services to the poor and the distressed, with the aim of addressing some of the social hardships and inequalities in Hong Kong resulting from the Second World War and subsequent social and political changes at the time.
Tel : 2524 2071
Email : [email protected]

Chen yet SetChen Yet-Sen Family Foundation
The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation is a Hong Kong based charity foundation with a strategic focus on early childhood literacy, library development and education enhancement. We support organizations for innovative, cost effective and high impact projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Ghana.
Tel: (852) 3167 4197
Email: [email protected]

Chi HengChi Heng Foundation
CHF primarily focuses on paying for the children’s education and living expenses, making sure all funds are delivered directly to schools and programs by our staff. CHF does not operate orphanages or foster homes. Instead, local relatives often take in the children, allowing them to continue to grow up in their native villages. To further decrease their sense of social stigma and isolation, CHF places the children in schools that purposefully integrate the orphans with children not affected by HIV/AIDS. These efforts aim to give orphans a stronger sense of community and belonging.
Telephone: (852) 2517 0564
Email: [email protected]

The Community ChestThe Community Chest of Hong Kong
The Chest was born with a mission:
- to obtain donations through community wide appeals on behalf of member social welfare agencies;
- to act as trustee of the donors and allocate funds raised prudently to our agencies to strengthen and maximize their services to the needy;
- to provide an integrated service for donors wishing to support a wide range of welfare services in Hong Kong.
Telephone No. : (852) 2599 6111
Email: [email protected]

CrossroadsCrossroads Foundation
Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need. We believe that, in a broken world that sees too much suffering, we should do all we can to link those who are in need with those who can provide help. So we provide an intersection, literally a crossroads, to bring both together.
Phone: +852 2984 9309
Email: [email protected]

Hong Kong Aids FoundationHong Kong AIDS Foundation
The mission of Hong Kong AIDS Foundation is to limit the spread of HIV infection in the community and provide support for those affected by HIV/AIDS.
Tel : (852) 2560-8528
E-mail : [email protected]
AIDS Helpline : (852) 2513-0513 (AIDS Helpline)
Website :

Changing young livesHong Kong and Far East Masonic Benevolence Fund
We are able to run and grow the numerous successful projects that we have established through contributions of time and money by our volunteers and donors. By nurturing the mind, body and spirit of young people, we hope to change their young lives for the better.
Tel: (852) 2511 0505
Donation Hotline: (852) 3118 6999
Email: [email protected]

Caring Magic CircusHong Kong Caring Magic Circus
HKCMC is the first charitable entity in the world using magic as a training medium for building up volunteers confidence, communication skills and anti-adversity ability and encourage them to serve community.
Tel: (852) 2121-8121
Email: [email protected]

Hong Kong Red CrossHong Kong Red Cross
We strive for a world in which people respect and protect human life and dignity, and where people are ready to offer impartial and voluntary aid to help improve the lives of vulnerable people.
Tel :2802 0021
E-mail :[email protected]

HK society for protection of childrenHong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
To provide for and promote the care, education and social development of children and families in partnership with the community
Tel: (852) 2396 0264
Email: [email protected]

KelyKely Support Group
The KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-government funded bilingual organisation which provides empathetic, non-judgmental, confidential and inclusive support to youth between the ages of 14 to 24 in Hong Kong.
Phone: +852 2521 6890
Email: [email protected]

Lok sin toonLok Sin Tong
The Society currently operates a total of 33 subsidiary units across the region to offer a wide spectrum of quality services, including the provision of education, social welfare and medical care. The Society has also spared no efforts to sponsor other community projects particularly in relation to social welfare and education.
Tel: (852)2382-1576

The Nesbit CentreThe Nesbitt Centre
The Nesbitt Centre provides an English speaking educational programme for adults with learning disabilities together with a respite and residential facility, which helps to achieve independence and development of our students' own potential and opportunities within the community.
Phone: 2813 4550

Po leung kukPo Leung Kuk
“Po Leung”, translating literally as protection of the young and the innocent, represents the core vision of our organization. Formally established as the Society for the Protection of Women and Children in 1880, in our long history we have prevented and resolved kidnappings, protected destitute women and children, and assisted the Secretary for Chinese Affairs (under British Rule) as a mediator in complex family and marriage disputes.
Tel.: (852)2277 8888
Email: [email protected]

raleighRaleigh International Hong Kong
We believe that whether you're 17 or 70, just starting out or taking time out, there's an expedition within us all. What's more as a charity we're committed to making the most of not only your experience but the community you'll be living in too.
Telephone: (852) 8208 6026
E-Mail:   [email protected]

St Christopher's HomeS.K.H. St. Christopher's Home
Today, the Home is the largest non-governmental organization in Hong Kong providing small group home service for children who cannot receive adequate family care. Our services include residential child care service (Small Group Home and Foster Care Service), pre-primary education service (Nursery), Children Health Development Services, Service for New Arrivals and Low-income Families, Clinical Psychological Service and Social Enterprise.
Tel: 2520 1056
Email: [email protected]

The SamaritansThe Samaritans Hong Kong
The Samaritans is a non-profit, non-religious organisation giving confidential emotional support to people who are suicidal or are in general distress. The service is provided to anyone regardless of age, creed, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
Email: : [email protected]

St JamesSt. James' Settlement (Hong Kong)
St. James Settlement is a multi social service agency which provides high quality comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our society, to enable the individuals to help themselves and to help others, and to build an integrated and harmonious community.
Tel: 2574 5201