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Dress code in Hong Kong

We put some guidelines together for clothing when in Hong Kong. We consider the weather and climate so you don't get too hot.

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18 March 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Dress code in Hong Kong

There is no official dress code in Hong Kong, the country is not officially affiliated with any one religion and what you wear in and around the city is totally up to you. Here we have the guidelines on what the weather is like and the kind of clothing that would be suitable for new expats.

What to wear in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is humid year round and the weather is quite unpredictable because chances of rain are high, even on sunny days. Even though it never gets very cold, not in the way that it does in Europe or North America in winters, we recommend that you bring clothing that layers well. This is because the climate changes drastically when going from outdoors to inside. The malls and office buildings and even some of the newer ferries like to set the temperatures to very low levels; so be ready to shed and don clothes regularly.

Ideally when travelling to Hong Kong during the rainy season, have rain proof clothing with you at all times. This is also the summer season so many residents prefer to carry an umbrella as opposed to carrying heavy parkas or rain coats. Umbrellas can be bought for a relatively cheap price from supermarkets and street hawkers.

During the work week you will see people on the street dressed in business or smart casual attire, however during the weekend many go out in casual clothes including jeans, singlets and flip flops. The people of Hong Kong are a fashionable bunch so to fit in with them highly visible designer gear is recommended. The more lables on show, the better. If you are planning a night out in the city, many of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs have a smart casual dress code. This usually means no shorts (for men), flip flops or beach attire of any kind.

If you are new to Hong Kong or going there as a tourist it is recommended that you keep your valuables in sight, wear a bag that goes across the shoulder or along your front as the streets and public transport tends to get very crowded. If you are exploring the markets, you will be on your feet for long periods of time; it is recommended that you wear comfortable closed shoes, as some of the outdoor markets can get quite dirty, especially if it rains.

The people of Hong Kong are quite small in their stature so the shops usually cater to their sizes, however if you don’t find something in the store front in your size, do not be afraid to ask, as many shops carry larger sizes in the back.

The Hong Kong winters can get chilly, especially in the evenings, so if you are travelling during this time it is recommended that you have a cardigan, big scarf or jacket with you.