Mums Groups and Meet Ups in Hong Kong |

Mums Groups and Meet Ups in Hong Kong

For expat mums, it's normal to feel a bit lonely in a new country, so why not meet up with like-minded groups of mums?

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26 February 2014

Last updated on 20 September 2017
Mums Groups and Meet Ups in Hong Kong

If your a newly expecting mum, or a first time mum or if you just have a little one and want to make friends, you should try a mum's group. Don't scared or shy, these networks of mums are super friendly and a great way to make friends and socialise with your toddler.

There is a great network of support groups for mums and mum’s to be in Hong Kong. Below we have listed lots of places and websites that you can meet other mums, make friends and set up play dates with the little ones. These places are great for socialising and for exchanging information also.

Mums & Babies Groups

GeoBaby offers a friendly and inteactive forum for mums, as well as coffee mornings and meet up arrangements. Its a great overall resource for mums and mums to be.

Nest for Mums (Nurture Education Support Treatment)
NEST stands for Nurture Education Support Treatment and is run by five women with specialities in Pilates, Baby Physio, Baby and Child Care and Breastfeeding. If you have questions, want your baby weighed or just need a chat and a cup of tea with some other parents in the same shoes as you – you’ll love NEST. 

The Room next to the Courtyard
The Methodist International Church
271 Queens Road East (Where it meets Kennedy Road), Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: Liz - 9769 2701 or Helen - 9075 5194
Email: [email protected]

A Mother’s Touch
A Mother's Touch offers a whole range of pregnancy and childbirth services under the umbrella of Bump, Birth and Beyond.

A Mother’s Touch is owned by Liz Purnell-Webb , and with our associates we offer a wide range of expertise: fertility support, pregnancy body work, childbirth education, birth prime, Doula services, Placenta Encapsulation and a range of post birth service.


Parent & Baby Group – Matilda International Hospital
This is an informal group for parents to come with their babies held in a relaxed friendly environment. It is ideally suited to babies from birth to one year old. Topics of interest to
the group include sleep, weaning, immunization, play and development are discussed.

Location: 4/F Lecture Hall, Matilda International Hospital
Time: Every Thursday 10:00am – 11:30am