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Expat Guide to Pregnancy and Giving Birth in Hong Kong

If you're pregnant while living in Hong Kong, here's all the information that you should know.

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26 February 2014

Last updated on 20 September 2017
Expat Guide to Pregnancy and Giving Birth in Hong Kong

Being pregnant and having a baby in Hong Kong is relatively easy, the hospitals are good and the costs are quite low, that is if you qualify for public healthcare. Private hospitals are also available for those willing to pay a larger sum, but the great thing about healthcare in Hong Kong is that the public hospitals are just as well equipped with an excellent staff.

Holders of a Hong Kong ID card all qualify for public healthcare. This means you can use clinic and hospital facilities across Hong Kong. There are 41 hospitals, 49 specialist outpatient clinics, and 74 general outpatient clinics organised in seven clusters in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and outlying islands. For a full list of public hospitals Click here >>

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Costs of Having a Baby in Hong Kong

Those who are eligible for access to public healthcare will pay very low fees for their entire pregnancy. The whole cost of childbirth, including ante natal care, the birth and a three day hospital stay will cost around HK$200. The Hong Kong healthcare policy is one of “ensuring that no one is denied adequate medical treatment due to lack of means.” However, expats should note that due to the overwhelming Chinese population in Hong Kong, many public hospitals do not guarantee that the doctor will be able to speak English, nor that any of the services will be in English.

Women who are not eligible for access to public healthcare will incur a dramatically different cost for childbirth. This is why it is very important to explore your options with regards to giving birth. A birth package with ante natal care, the birth and hospital stay can cost around HK40 000. However, if the birth is unplanned the costs rise dramatically for the parents in question, and can cost as much as HK$90 000 – although these costs were put in place to reduce the influx of women travelling across border just to give birth in Hong Kong, without the required ante natal care.

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Private hospital births

Private hospitals offer luxurious stays and pampered living for mums-to-be and are a major contrast in both price and amenities. All of this comes at a very high cost and a maternity package can set parents-to-be back around HK$200 000; however with relevant health insurance these costs could be significantly reduced.  Giving birth at a private hospital is not always guaranteed, many Chinese couples schedule their births to fall on auspicious days of the Chinese calendar. Hence, the day of your birth might be overbooked in which case you will be sent to a public hospital, where there will always be space for one more expectant mother. 

Both private and public hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong practice Western medicine.


There are no public midwives in Hong Kong but you can be assisted by a private midwife if you so wish. For more information visit the Hong Kong Midwives Association as well as the Midwives Council of Hong Kong.

For a list of Public Prenatal Services from the Family Health Service provided by the Hong Kong government Click here>>

If you would rather use private prenatal care you can find qualified specialists in the Hong Kong Medical Association’s directory: www.hkdoctors.org

For more information and services relating to pregnancy you can visit the Hong Kong Government dedicated pregnancy page.