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Giving Birth in Hong Kong

Everything you need to know about giving birth in Hong Kong, from pregnancy through to your birth plan.

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19 March 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Giving Birth in Hong Kong

Parents who are thinking of having a baby in Hong Kong have a lot to consider and plan for the pending birth of their little one. There are choices to make, with regards to going to a public or private hospital, ante natal care, delivery and birth registration. Rest assured, Hong Kong hospitals are equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure high quality care in accordance with the most up-to-date medical standards. We have all the information right here for you.

Giving birth in Hong Kong

Points to note during pregnancy
• Eat a nutritionally balanced diet in the right amount.
• Quit smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking in pregnant women can cause stillbirths, increase the risk of pre-term delivery and pass carcinogenic substances to the fetus.
• Eat good food, rest enough and do moderate exercise to relieve ailments in pregnancy, such as nausea, heart burn, leg cramp and constipation.
• Have regular dental checkup as hormones and appetites may change during pregnancy, which may cause oral health problems.
• You can still enjoy sex life during pregnancy, as soon as you adopt safe positions and take some precautions.

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Ante natal Care

Parents have the choice between choosing a private or public healthcare facility when they pick the doctor that will take care of the mother during her pregnancy. Both options provide medical care of the highest standard for your family.

Generally, antenatal care includes:
• antenatal checkup
• blood testing for blood group, haemoglobin, Rhesus factor, Hepatitis B Antigen, rubella antibody, syphilis, HIV antibody, etc.
• health education
• Down Syndrome screening (depending on gestation and individual condition)

Public ante natal services

Hong Kong residents and holders of a valid Hong Kong ID will incur minimum costs. Receiving ante natal care is simple as all the patient has to do is register at the nearest Government Maternal and Child Health Centres for the ante natal appointments. The appointments start at 10 weeks of pregnancy and are free of charge to those that are eligible. The fees associated with the pregnancy and eligibility are available on the Family Health Services website. The government hospitals provide two free ultrasounds, however most mothers-to-be will have additional scans at their expense. While public ante natal care might be great value for money it is also provides excellent medical care that can be rivaled worldwide.

Private ante natal services

Residents of Hong Kong can choose to utilize the private health care services for their ante natal checkups during a pregnancy. The best way to find a doctor is through recommendations from other expats; use our ExpatWoman forum for the best advice. Private healthcare specialists are also listed on Hong Kong Doctors When paying for a private doctor check whether your health insurance plan will cover the pregnancy at an additional premium. Always research the different methods of payment before committing to a certain plan.

Giving birth
Many people choose go have private ante natal care and deliver their baby at a public hospital, since the public health care in Hong Kong has an excellent reputation.
You can give birth in one of the public hospitals or private hospitals in Hong Kong. You should note what you should prepare for admission to the specific hospital and compare the different maternity packages if you are planning delivery in a private hospital.

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