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Overview of Healthcare System in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has high quality & modern technology in their hospitals & and has one of the most advanced healthcare systems.

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19 March 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Overview of Healthcare System in Hong Kong

The healthcare system in Hong Kong is well structured and organized and the country’e residents are some of the healthiest and happiest people in the world. The country also boasts high life expectancy – 84 years for women and 78 years for men – thanks to their great healthcare system. Hong Kong’s health system is managed by the Hospital Authority which oversees 164 public and 12 private hospitals. In addition to the medical facilities, the hospitals have state of the art medical equipment and supplies.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Out of the 164 public hospitals, 41 are public hospitals, 48 specialist out-patient clinics and 74 general outpatient clinics. The Hospital Authority has divided the clinics into clusters, by their location, in order to maintain the high standard of care.

Fees are charged according to the ‘eligibility’ of the person.

Eligible persons include:
- Hong Kong National Identity card holders
- Hong Kong residents under the age of 11
- Any person approved by the chief executive of the hospital authority

The costs for eligible and non-eligible persons vary. A visit to the GP might set an eligible person back by HKD 45, while a non-eligible person can expect to pay HKD 215 a visit.
Hong Kong has only 12 private hospitals, this is also indicative of the trust that the residents have in their health care system. These private hospitals have partnered with the United Kingdom for international healthcare accreditation.

Healthcare for expats

Expats who relocate to Hong Kong for business should be fully aware and informed of the employer’s health care plan. These plans are different and some can be restrictive with regards to certain doctors or clinics.

Most doctors in Hong Kong are trained in the United States of America or other Western countries, so finding a doctor to cater to the needs of expats is quite easy. Expats can use private hospitals for visits to the GP and minor medical issues, however medical concerns such as child birth is more suited to public hospitals.