Pharmacies and chemists in Hong Kong |

Pharmacies and chemists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a good healthcare system for expats - pharmacies are widely available, with currently 588 pharmacies in Hong Kong.

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19 March 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Pharmacies and chemists in Hong Kong

PharmacyHong Kong residents are a healthy and lucky bunch. Not only is the healthcare system amazing and set up to provide the best possible care for its residents, it also has a great network of fully stocked pharmacies. There are currently 588 pharmacies in Hong Kong. When it comes to medication pharmacies are well stocked with medicines that are available worldwide, however, most of them require a doctor’s prescription. 

All pharmacies are closely monitored, so trying your luck to get medication without a prescription is not recommended or advised. All the medication that is sent to the pharmacies is first approved by the Ministry of Health, thereafter all sales of prescription drugs are monitored.  

Pharmacies in Hong Kong can only be run by registered pharmacists. It is also worth your while to visit an authorized pharmacy for your own safety:

Click here for a full list of all 588 authorized pharmacies in Hong Kong>>

To recognise a licensed pharmacy look out for the ‘Rx’ symbol out the front.

In Hong Kong, pharmacies are generally open 7 days a week between 10 am and 7 pm, some pharmacies may have longer opening hours so it is best to check with the pharmacy itself.
For late-night emergency cases you can always go to a hospital pharmacy, in every district, there is at least one clinic which has a 24-hour pharmacy service for emergencies. Click here to find out which hospitals provide a 24hr service >> 


Most over the counter medication should be available for purchase at a Hong Kong pharmacy, however some non-prescription medication is also available in supermarkets, depending on its classification. Be aware that around 40% of the medication in pharmacies is prescription only, and a prescription from a doctor in your home country is not valid. You must always have a valid prescription from a licensed doctor in Hong Kong.