How to Get a Visa for Your Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong |

How to Get a Visa for Your Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

If you'd like to obtain a visa for your new maid, here's what you need to know...

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9 March 2014

Last updated on 16 August 2017
How to Get a Visa for Your Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

When hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) from abroad the strict visa regulations set forth by the government of Hong Kong should be followed. The immigration website has the guidelines that should be followed. 

Employment as Foreign Domestic Helpers

An application for an entry visa to enter Hong Kong for employment as a foreign domestic helper (FDH) may be favourably considered if:

a. the bona fides of the applicant and the employer are not in doubt;
b. there is no known record to the detriment of the applicant and the employer;
c. the applicant has more than 2 years working experience as a domestic helper;
d. the employer is a bona fide resident in Hong Kong;
e. the employer is financially capable of employing the helper, providing him/her with suitable accommodation and of guaranteeing his/her maintenance and repatriation upon termination of his/her contract;
f. the salary offered is not below the minimum allowable wage (MAW)* in force at time of application;
g. the applicant and the employer enter into a standard employment contract which should have been notarised by the appropriate consulate in the HKSAR if so required by the relevant consulate; and
h. the applicant has been medically examined as to his/her fitness for employment as a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

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(* For information on the prevailing MAW, you may refer to Labour Department's website at the following address: )

FDHs are not permitted to take up any driving duties if they are allowed to enter or remain under the new standard employment contract which prohibits motor driving duties. However, individual employers who have a genuine need for their FDHs to perform driving duties incidental to and arising from domestic duties may apply for exceptional permission. All such applications are considered on their individual merits. Permission may be given if:

a. full justification of the need for and the specific details of driving service to be provided by his/her FDH incidental to and arising from any of the five broad categories of domestic duties is provided, namely household chores; cooking; looking after aged persons in the household; baby-sitting; and child-minding;
b. the ownership, description and registration number of the vehicle to be driven by his/her FDH are clearly stated and the vehicle concerned should be either a family saloon car or a mini-van of no more than eight seats;
c. where the vehicle is registered in the name of a company, a certificate from the company to the effect that the vehicle is provided for the personal and family use of the persons concerned;
d. the FDH must be a live-in helper; and
e. the FDH possesses a valid Hong Kong driving licence (an international driving licence and a temporary driving licence are not acceptable).

This entry arrangement does not apply to:

a. Chinese residents of the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan; and
b. nationals of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Nepal and Vietnam.

FDHs are not allowed to bring in their dependants.