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11 Things I Love About Singapore

Despite the strict laws and exorbitant fines, Singapore is actually quite lovely! Here's 11 reasons why expat loves this country..

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28 March 2016

Last updated on 7 September 2017
11 Things I Love About Singapore

It's a place that is notorious for its strict laws and the exorbitant fines that are imposed should you break any... It's almost a joke of sorts among the locals, "kanna fine" is a slang used commonly for someone who got slapped with one! That is something you will see almost everywhere and definitely on souvenirs bought in the country. Of course there is more on offer than those nasty bills, and I personally think it's a very pretty country with a lot of goodness on offer, so I like to believe that in actual fact - Singapore is a fine country!

10 things I love about Singapore

1. Stable government
I know it starts the list off on a dull note, not something you were looking to read when you're looking for expatriate advice. But think about it... A stable government equals to a stable economy, which equals to a less chances of an up risal. And the system works, it actually does! You have a complaint, it will be attended to. Need an exception made for you, approach them and they will hear you out. If you lose your passport, it's relatively hassle-free to gain a replacement! Suddenly makes sense to have it on the list eh?

2. It's a safe place
Oh I love how safe one feels in the country! Crime rates are the lowest in the world and strict punishments are imposed on the offenders. So go for those late night drives, ladies nights or a run in the park after sunset even... You're safe in Singapore!

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3. It's a multi-racial country
Orchard road in December for Christmas, Serangoon (Little India) for Deepavali, Geylang Serai during Ramadan and of course Chinatown at the Chinese New Year are not to be missed! Each festival is celebrated with equal fervor and enthusiasm, we have wished "Gong Xi Fat Cai" to our Chinese neighbors and were guaranteed a treat by them for Deepavali! While Hari Raya is the time to indulge in the traditional feast, every Singaporean (and visitors alike) drives or walks through the orchard road to get the Christmas "feel". We have 4 official languages so that makes us multilingual too! Of course that's not counting our very own invention - Singlish! Come on lah, cannot miss this meh...

4. The weather
When is the best time to visit? All 12 months of the year! Fantastic isn't it? The weather remains constant throughout the year by which I mean it's either humid or raining BUT you needn't be fussed about when to plan and what to pack! Singaporeans are known to be dress down anyway, so get your casual best and let your hair down - or not actually, it might just rain!

5. The public transport
Oh, the luxury of world class public transport... Clean, safe and reliable! Coming from India this was the one thing that impressed me MOST about Singapore! Did I mention it is the cheapest and quickest mode of transportation in the country?

6. The food is amazing
We are a spoilt lot! Nothing impresses us anymore, we have the world's best cuisine in Singapore! And the best news? It doesn't come with a huge price tag. Pick the right places and you get to enjoy a gourmet meal - with a big family - without breaking the bank! Bon appetite!

7. Time for some shopping
Singapore is really a heaven for shoppers! From the high end brands to the more high street, from house hold to electronics, from educational to stationary and toys - you would be spoilt for choice! We do buy back a lot of food stuff too, then again we are Singaporeans, what else can one expect!

8. The education is great
Hands down... One of the better education systems. And no, it isn't just a personal opinion, this is a fact! The Singapore University is one of the most sort after colleges with essentially the crème de la crème getting through. Rumor has it SU rejects are accepted in to Harvard in the USA.

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9. Singaporeans are punctual
If you ask a Singaporean to meet you at 8 pm, please be rest assured he will be at the venue five minutes to 8! Singaporeans are rarely late! I love that the most about the people there, respect for time, theirs and yours!

10. The location is perfect
Singapore boasts of the world's best airport which only means... Singaporeans travel a lot! There are so many places to explore over a weekend and with the budget airlines flying to those destination, it makes sense to pack that bag and get away to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate.

11. There's plenty of outdoor activities
I'm feeling generous (it's my Singaporean side speaking), I just love the outdoor activities the country has to offer. Be it the beautiful walks, or a day at the beach or even cycling down marina bay sands, they are just so much fun! Singaporeans rarely need to be told "get out of that mall"!
So here's my list! What's on yours?
P.S. I think I missed mentioning the country is very clean, but yes it is very clean! And please don't litter... You will be fined!

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