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Taxis in Singapore

Taxi companies in Singapore have standardised rates with surcharges. Taxis are readily available at off peak times.

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3 February 2014

Last updated on 27 June 2017
Taxis in Singapore

There are many taxis operating in the compact city state of Singapore and they are a popular form of public transport. The taxi fares are affordable and while many people prefer the metro and bus system during the day, taxis are great when you need to go somewhere specific or for a night out.

Getting about by taxi in Singapore

Taxis can be flagged down on most roads day or night, and major shopping centers and hotels have a well-marked taxi stand just outside. There are over 26 000 taxis in Singapore and nine taxi companies so finding a taxi during non-peak times is relatively easy.

In peak travel times, which in the evening starts at 4PM due to shift changes through to 8 PM it is virtually impossible to book a taxi, outside of peak travel times booking is advisable. During peak travel times, it is extremely difficult and not recommended to rely upon taxi travel, either travel out of peak or risk the MRT. Booking during peak travel times can be frustrating, the system instructs the caller to hang up and await SMS confirmation - usually in peak demand time following a 7–10 minute wait the caller will receive an sms stating that there are no taxis currently available and that they should try again in 10 minutes, this can be repeated several times up to 10 attempted bookings in an hour, at which point the caller is barred from trying to book a cab for at least the remainder of that hour.

Booking telephone numbers

- Dial-A-Cab +6563425222
- Comfort Taxi +6565521111
- SMRT Taxis +6565558888
- Smart Cab +656485777
- TransCab +6565553333
- Premier Taxis +6563636888
- Prime Taxi +6567780808
- Yellow Top Taxi +6562935545
- Comfort Premier Cabs +6565522828

Taxi Rates

Due to strict requirements all taxis are fitted with meters and are air conditioned. The fares must be charged according to the taxi meter, plus applicable surcharges. If a taxi driver doesn’t use the taxi meter he can be fined up to $500.
The basic flag down fair of a regular taxi is between $3.00 and $3.40 according to, thereafter it’s $0.22 every 400m up to 10km. The next 10km is $0.22 every 350m. Every 45seconds of waiting is $0.22. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) will be added to the fair when applicable.

If you catch a cab between Midnight and 5.59am an additional surcharge of 50% of the total taxi fare applies. Additional surcharges of 25% of the metered fare will also be paid during peak times; Monday to Friday between 6.00 and 9.30am and daily between 6.00pm and midnight. If you catch a cab within the city area, an additional surcharge of $3.00 is payable between 5.00pm and midnight.


There are also various location surcharges which include the following locations and are between $2.00 and $5.00:
- Changi Airport and Changi Air Freight Center
- Seletar Airport
- Marina Bay Sands
- Resorts World Sentosa
- Singapore Expo Center
If you decide to book a taxi, you will also have to pay a fee depending on the time of booking.

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