Rules, byelaws and legislations of Singapore City |

Rules, byelaws and legislations of Singapore City

Singapore is known as fine city, you can get a fine for breaking any law at any time, especially if you are caught littering.

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3 February 2014

Last updated on 13 August 2017
Rules, byelaws and legislations of Singapore City

Singapore is a city known for it’s extensive laws and rules in the city. While extensive, these rules are simple to follow, however breaking them will land you in trouble with the law and could result in a fine and even jail time.

Singapore is a clean green city, and it’s really beautiful which is why littering is quite a serious offence. There is a fine of up to S$1000 for first time offenders of littering of any kind. Repeat offenders will pay up to S$2000 for littering repeatedly. Those caught littering are often subjected to public shame by having to do community service. They are made to wear bright jackets and the local media is often invited to the spectacle.

Chewing gum
It is often a misconception that chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore, however everyone is allowed to che gum. It is, however, strictly prohibited to sell or import chewing gum into Singapore. If you wish to chew gum you will need a doctor’s prescription and chewing gum can only be bought at certain pharmacies. If you are chewing gum in the city ensure that you dispose of it appropriately to avoid a fine.

Singapore is anti-tobacco and it’s stance on smoking is strict. They have even imposed a rule that people born in the year 2000 and after will never be allowed to buy tobacco products. Smoking is not allowed in public buses, taxis, lifts, theatres, cinemas, government offices, and in air-conditioned restaurants and shopping centres. First-time offenders face a maximum fine of S$1,000.

Public urination
Even in elevators is prohibited and some elevators are equipped with urine detectors which set of an alarm is urine odour is detected. If the alarm sounds, the elevator doors will remain shut until police arrive to issue a fine. 

Pornography is prohibited
Do not import pornography of any kind, this includes dvds, pictures and magazines. Even magazines like the Cosmopolitan need a special adult warning on the front cover before being sold.

Homosexuality is prohibited
Intercourse between two members of the same sex is prohibited and carries a jail term of up to two years, however this is one of the handful of laws that is seldom enforced.

Not flushing the toilet is a punishable offence
This extends to the law about keeping Singapore clean and failing to flush a public toilet fall under these laws. Police officials have been known to cary out random checks.

This is illegal in Singapore and the laws against spitting are strictly enforced. This falls in line with keeping Singapore clean and comes with fines if convicted.

Graffiti carries one of the most humiliating punishments in Singapore – mandatory caning.

Drugs are a big no-no in Singapore and importing illegal narcotics carries the biggest fine possible, the death penalty. A person convicted of trafficking, manufacturing, importing or exporting more than 15g of heroin, 30g of morphine, 30g of cocaine, 500g of cannabis, 200g of cannabis resin and 1.2kg of opium will receive the death penalty.