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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site earlier this month.

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4 August 2015

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Singapore Botanic Gardens


Singapore Botanic Gardens, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Singapore Botanic Gardens was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site earlier this month, just in time for the island to celebrate its Jubilee Independence Day.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
The Singapore Botanic Gardens is more than a century old, 150-years, to be exact. The Gardens is enjoyed both by residents and tourists alike. It is one of the many attractions of Singapore which not only has a colorful history but a spectacular plant collection as well. Aside from the plant collection, the garden also boasts of various attractions and facilities providing its visitors educational and recreational activities when inside. It is a unique example of the informal English Landscape Movement’s style in an equatorial climate and is also one of the most visited botanic gardens in the world. 

Historical Background

Sir Stamford Raffles, the famous founder of Singapore, is said to be a naturalist. He set up the first Botanic Gardens in 1822 on Government Hill at Fort Canning to introduce cultivation economic crops primarily. While the original one closed, another ropened in 1859 where the new garden is located. 
On June 2012, Singapore pushed to ratify the World Heritage Convention and on December 12, passed its application for World Heritage Tentative List to UNESCO in order to list them to the prestigious World Heritage Site list. 
On July 4th, Singapore was successfully given the inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site during the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC). 

What to Expect Inside

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Gardens have strategic three cores. The first is Tanglin, which is also known as the heritage core, which showcases the historic charms of the old gardens; the central core is also known as the tourist belt; and the last core is called Bukit Timah, which is the educational and discovery zone. 

What to Wear

It is an outdoor garden and temperatures can be between 24°C – 33°C. It is advisable to wear light clothing and comfortable shoes to keep cool while walking around. Visitors, especially children, are advised to wear insect repellent as with every garden. This is to prevent insect bites while roaming the grounds. Sunglasses, hats or visors, are also recommended in order to stay away from the sun's rays. Hydrate often, this should not be a problem as vending machines and water fountains are everywhere inside. 

Visit the official website of Singapore Botanic Gardens here.

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