The culture and the spoken language in Vietnam |

The culture and the spoken language in Vietnam

The official language spoken is Vietnamese and here we have some simple phrases for you to learn

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3 June 2014

Last updated on 29 June 2017
The culture and the spoken language in Vietnam

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. It is an extremely difficult language to master as it uses tones rather than the classical vocabulary and each word has six tones, each with its own meaning. Expats can usually pick up a few words here and there, and the Vietnamese consider it a treat when westerners make an effort to string together a few words in the native tongue. 

There are other languages and dialects spoken throughout Vietnam such as the dialects of the tribes in the mountainous regions and Chinese, Khmer and Cham. However Vietnamese is thought to be a separate language group, despite its similarities to other Southeast Asian languages.

The language uses the Roman alphabet with accent marks indicating the tone. This written form of the language was introduced to Vietnam by 17th Century Catholic missionaries and eventually replaced the one using Chinese characters.


Some useful words and phrases in Vietnamese

Hello - Xin chào. (sin chow)
Hi - Chào. (chow)
Hello (on the phone) - A-lô. (AH-loh)
How are you? - Khỏe không? (kweh kohng?)
Fine, thank you. -  Khoẻ, cảm ơn. (kweh, gauhm uhhn)
My name is ______ . -  Tôi tên là ______ . (Toy ten la _____ .)
Please - Làm ơn. (lam uhhn)
Thank you - Cảm ơn. (gauhm uhhn)
You're welcome - Không sao đâu. (kohng sao dwoh)
Yes (affirmative) - Vâng (vuhng)
No - Không. (kaumng)
I'm sorry -  Xin lỗi. (sin loy)
Goodbye - Tạm biệt (tam byet)
I can't speak Vietnamese [well] - Tôi không biết nói tiếng Việt [giỏi lắm]. (thoy kohng byet noy tyeng vyet [zoy luhm])
Do you speak English? - Biết nói tiếng Anh không? (byet noy tyeng ang kaumng)
Is there someone here who speaks English? -
Có ai đây biết nói tiếng Anh không? (GAW eye day byet noy tyeng ang kaumng)