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The LGBT Community in Vietnam

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8 June 2014

Last updated on 16 August 2017
The LGBT Community in Vietnam


Homosexuality is generally accepted in Vietnam especially in the more expat regions of Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh City. However, some still discriminate and do not accept the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community, these tend to be people who are accustomed to the more traditional Vietnamese culture and philosophy.

Although, in whole the equal rights movement in Vietnam has in recent times come to accept the gay community.

Gender reassignment is legal in Vietnam but only in circumstances where an individual was born with a congenital medical condition rather than a psychological medical condition.

According to Vietnam’s Marriage and Family Law act (2000), same-sex marriage is currently forbidden.

However, in June 2013 the Ministry of Justice projected a draft law that extracts the restriction making marriage between two individuals of the same sex illegal; replacing it with a suggestion that recognises civil partnerships and possibly even marriage between same-sex couples.

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