Street food in Vietnam |

Street food in Vietnam

Whether it's a Vietnamese spring roll, pho, sticky rice or a saigon baguette here's our guide to the best street food in Vietnam.

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3 June 2014

Last updated on 29 June 2017
Street food in Vietnam

Street foodWhen you think of street food, you’re probably thinking of food on a stick or in a roll, something that is convenient to carry and eat with little mess or fuss. In Vietnam the street food consists of foods on a stick and also an array of soups, noodles and other really yummy and creative dishes. The street food might seem unappealing as it is usually cooked outside or in little shacks but once you taste the delectable tit bits you will understand why this food appeals so much to expats and locals alike. Here are some of our favourite dishes that you can get on the streets of Vietnam.

Vietnamese spring rollVietnamese spring roll
This is a super yummy spring roll within a spring roll bursting with flavourful herbs and fresh veggies. It is definitely a must eat on the street. It’s also full of nutrients and healthier raw versions can be found as well as the deep fried ones. This is also a Vietnamese signature dish and is made worldwide, so trying the authentic version is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Another Vietnamese tradition, pho is a soup made from noodles, meat and fresh herbs, veg and chili. The great thing is that you get to compile the flavours yourself. Add the broth to the noodles and beef and then add a variety of herbs such as basil and coriander, and other fresh ingredients like ginger, spring onion, chili and lime. The soup is tantalizing and filling and best of all, it tastes great!!

Sticky rice
This dish can be both sweet and salty and makes a great breakfast meal as it gives you a boost of energy. The rice can be topped with a number of ingredients for flavor including mung bean, fried shallots and sugar for the sweet version. Dried shrimp, flavoured soy sauce and green onions make a great topping for the salty version.

Vietnamese baguetteSaigon Baguette
This is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions (food wise) in Vietnam. The warm crusty bread is filled with veggies, pickles, pork ham and liver paste. It is absolutely delicious. There are literally thousands of vendors spreading pate on a bun and filling it with cold cuts and veggies. So this is a dish is easy to find almost anywhere, and it’s super convenient to eat and go.

Papaya Salad
This is one of the most popular snacks, especially among the Vietnamese youth. It’s made from shreds of Papaya in a sweet and sour spicy sauce, topped with roasted peanut and rice crackers. It is also topped with braised beef liver or lung. If you’re in Saigon go and see the three ladies at the entrance of Le Van Park, they have a reputation for making a delicious papaya salad.