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Emergency & Useful Numbers in Vietnam

We've gathered a bunch of useful contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency in Vietnam.

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8 June 2014

Last updated on 14 August 2019
Emergency & Useful Numbers in Vietnam

Emergency Numbers

It is always important to know the local emergency numbers of the city you live in or are travelling to, or any other useful numbers that may be of use, especially if you are a newcomer.

ExpatWoman recommends that you print these emergency numbers and have them to hand, stick them on your fridge or have them handy in a drawer, it could save yours or your family’s life. It is also recommended to teach the emergency numbers to small children so that they can call for help in case of an emergency in the house.

In an emergency call:

Police = 113
Fire = 114
Ambulance = 115 or ∗9999 (a 911-style emergency medical response service in English and Vietnamese)

Emergency terminology

  • Accident = tai nạn
  • Emergency = trường hợp khẩn cấp
  • Help me = giúp tôi
  • Help! = giúp đỡ!

For the emergency numbers for all embassies and consulates click here.

Useful Telephone Numbers

If ever there's a time when you need a helping hand or a spot of useful advice, some of these contact numbers may be able to help you! Keep them in your phone or to hand so you've always got them in case you need them.

Paging Services

  • Hanoi ABC Paging Service: 131 / 133
  • Vietnam Paging Service: 105 / 107
  • Paging Service Enquiries: 106
  • Vinaphone Paging Service: 141

Mobile/Internet Services

  • Vinaphone Enquiry Service: 151
  • VMS Mobifone Enquiry Service: 145
  • VNN/Internet Access Number: 1260
  • VNN Access Number (Local): 1268
  • VNN Access Number (International): 1269

Telephone Services

  • Domestic Direct Dialing Access Code: 0
  • International Direct Dialing Access Code: 0
  • Domestic Long Distance Telephone Service: 101
  • Directory assistance for long distant domestic telephone calls: 102
  • Operator-assisted long distance domestic telephone calls: 103
  • International Telephone Service: 110
  • International Telephone Service Rate: 142
  • International Telephone Service enquiries: 143
  • Phone Number Inquiries: 116
  • Time Inquiries: 117
  • Ring Back Test: 118
  • Advice on Telephone Repairs: 119

Other Services

  • General Information Service: 1080
  • Consultancy Service: 1088
  • Yellow Pages Information & Consultancy Service: 1081