Getting about by local Taxi in Vietnam |

Getting about by local Taxi in Vietnam

Mai Linh and Vinasun are the two reputable taxi companies in Vietnam with regulated fares and a safe mode of transport.

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10 May 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Getting about by local Taxi in Vietnam

Mai Linh and Vinasun are the two reputable taxi companies in Vietnam. These taxis are generally a safe form of transport and the fares are regulated by a taxi meter. This means that the driver will turn the meter on when you enter the taxi and the price at the end of the journey is what you will pay.

Mai Linh Taxi

The price of a taxi is generally 12000 dongs for the first kilometer and 9000 dongs for each kilometer thereafter. Be aware of imitation taxi drivers who will have similar colours and logos to the reputable companies. These drivers that tamper with the meters so be vigilant that you are not grossly overcharged.  

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If you are coming from the airport it will cost you approximately 150000 dong for a taxi to the hotels in District 1. Try to use one of the 2 reputable taxi companies, Mai Linh and Vinasun. Usually a manager of one of the two companies will be available on arrival and will enquire as to your destination and give you a slip of paper with the number of the taxi. You have the opportunity to pay for your taxi in advance and avoid getting ripped off in the process.

Vinasun Taxi

Here are some tips if you get into a fraudulent taxi:

  • If the taxi meter jumps at an alarming rate get out of the taxi and hail a new one.

  • Be aware of what a journey should cost you. If you are being grossly overcharged, just refuse to pay and give the driver a fair amount. The driver may raise his voice and threaten to call the police. These are tactic used to make the passengers uncomfortable. Just remain calm and give him the money and leave.

  • Be careful with your money, don’t allow a driver to rush you and count the cash. Don’t give him a chance to change the money for smaller bills.

Vietnam also has motorbike taxis for the more adventurous of you. They are half the price and can get you to your destination twice as fast. Just ensure that they don’t go too fast and that you have a helmet.

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