Using public transport, busses, trains, taxi's and boats |

Using public transport, busses, trains, taxi's and boats

You can hire a car or mini-bus with driver to take your around the city if you're not comfortable with taking the bus or the train

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10 May 2014

Last updated on 28 June 2017
Using public transport, busses, trains, taxi's and boats

There are many ways to get around in Vietnam, but due to the fact that tourists are not permitted to drive and residents must have a local driving license, many people rely on the public transport. You can hire a car or mini-bus and driver to take your around the city if you are not comfortable with taking the bus or the train.

Public transport

There are many train stations in Vietnam and trains normally operate between cities. Taking the train is probably the best way to see Vietnam and more comfortable than the bus as you can get a sleeper berth. Click here for the train time table. The trains in Vietnam are clean and air conditioned and sometimes a better way to travel than flying. Read more>>

Bus travel is the most common and cheapest way to travel in the country. If you are in a city, you can grab the bus schedule and make your way around the suburbs. . You can get on and off the bus anywhere and tickets are so cheap (from a Western perspective) that it’s a great way to get lost in and explore the city. The bus ticket can be bought on board so it’s a relatively hassle free way to travel. There are also express busses that provide a deluxe service where you are almost guaranteed a seat. Read more>>

Mai Linh and Vinasun are the two reputable taxi companies in Vietnam. These taxis are generally a safe form of transport and the fares are regulated by a taxi meter. This means that the driver will turn the meter on when you enter the taxi and the price at the end of the journey is what you will pay. The price of a taxi is generally 12000 dongs for the first kilometer and 9000 dongs for each kilometer thereafter. Be aware of imitation taxi drivers who will have similar colours and logos to the reputable companies. Read more>>

Seeing the floating markets of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta are an absolute must and the only way to do it is by boat. There are some great tour companies that offer to take you and include lunch in the tour deal. It is a great way to see the ‘Venice of Vietnam’ and sample some local delicacies too. You can also take a boat trip into the sea to the islands of Halong Bay if you are in the North or the islands off the coast of Nha Trang if you’re in the South. Read more>>

Car and Motorbike
You can hire a car with a driver from a rental company, this is recommended as driving in Vietnam is pretty crazy and as an expat you might not get to grips with it immediately. The cost of the hire is not high and it is one of the safer methods of travelling provided that you have a sound vehicle that has had all the necessary checks and that your driver is good too.

Hiring a motor bike is very popular but once again be careful how you drive it and make sure that you wear a helmet if you do decide to take this mode of transportation.

There are many ways of getting around in Vietnam, we hope that this little guide has helped you figure them out. Don’t forget that you can also get around on a bicycle and walk to a lot of places, especially when it is not raining.