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About Us

Meet The EW Team

We're a multicultural, multi- lingual team based in Dubai but hailing from many different countries, as well as having lived in lots of other places as expats... in fact we've got over 300 years of expat experience between us all! We know all about life as an expat whether we're writing about it, organising events and meet ups or helping our clients market to expats. It's a business that's grown from supporting expat women in the Middle East- that has seen the team grow from strength to strength over the last 14 years, that has seen us now go global- from its humble start in the bedroom of a villa in Jumeirah to our new Dubai Studio City Offices. We're here to help in more ways than one!

At EW Headquarters

Here's the team that work hard at our offices to make sure you get your daily fix of ExpatWoman!