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Visit the Floating Village

With over 366 islands in Vietnam, there's an abundance of amazing sights to see: floating villages, uninhabited islands and more..

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12 June 2014

Last updated on 29 June 2017
Visit the Floating Village

The coast of Northern Vietnam is an archipelago of 366 islands, the largest of which is Cat Ba of the coast of Halong Bay. The vast majority of the islands are uninhabited but there are a few fishing villages that are home to 13,000 inhabitants. Additionally there are 4000 more that live on floating villages off the coast. These floating villages have become major tourist attractions in last few years.

Floating Village


Almost half of Cat Ba is a national park – this is to protect the island’s many eco systems which are being threatened by hunting, poaching, water pollution and over fishing.  Tourism has also had a negative effect on the eco systems of coral reefs, evergreen forests, freshwater swamp forests and costal mangrove forests. However, tourism is also contributing to the ‘hotel boom’ in the area and subsequently the economic contribution that the area makes to Vietnam.