WATCH: Frost Starts To Form On Cars In Oman |

WATCH: Frost Starts To Form On Cars In Oman

As the Sultanate heads into the winter season

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29 November 2018

Last updated on 29 November 2018

With temperatures decreasing in the Gulf

Oman, amongst other GCC countries, are enjoying the cooler weathers in these Desert-based countries.

However, Oman is seeing a colder winter than the rest as frost was seen on cars in the Jabal al Surah area in Al Ghahira.

A video that was posted on Twitter earlier today shows a man scrapping some frost off of his car’s top during the morning.

Jabal Al Surah is located in areas that are of higher altitudes than other parts of Oman, which can explain the frost formation especially in early hours of the morning when temperatures drop substantially.