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This Is How You Skin A Watermelon Like a PRO

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25 April 2017

how to skin a watermelon

If there were a fashion magazine for summer fruits (cause, why not?) Watermelon would hands down — be on the cover page.

They have a great presence (yes, size matters), beautiful colour scheme and they’re totally Instagrammable. Not to forget, these mega-sized melons are rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants such as lycopene.

The easiest way to eat a watermelon might be to dive right into a big slice with your hands but that’s not the only way.

Gordon Ramsay De-Shells A Lobster In 3 Mins & We're Kinda Awed

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12 April 2017

How to debone a lobster

You can hate him (or love him) all you want for his scathing comments but you’ve got to admit — Gordon Ramsay is a culinary magician and when he talks food, it's best to listen. He may not have a pleasant deposition but when this guy de-bones a lobster like a boss, all we do is stare at the lobster — and then at Gordon.

The Michelin-star chef revealed some of his secrets to perfectly de-shelling a lobster — In just three minutes.

Why Your Perfectly Fried Egg Is Not PERFECT

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21 March 2017

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A seemingly simple yet one of the most frustratingly difficult culinary tasks is to fry a perfect egg. You might learn how to cook a perfectly succulent steak dinner but things get tricky when it comes to putting an egg on top.

Should you break it in the pan? Should you fry it in oil or butter? Should you flip? Touch? Poke? Aaagh! The whirlwind of doubts strikes you right when the egg turns brown in front of your eyes.

If this has happened to you, then welcome to Fried Eggs 101. If not, we bow to your culinary talents.

12 Foods You Shouldn't Put in the Fridge

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17 August 2016

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Living in the UAE, our natural instinct is to shove all of our beloved foods and ingredients into the fridge for safe-keeping and protection from the heat.

Especially for those of us who leave our homes for long periods of time per day, without leaving the A/C on, things can get a little too warm in the house throughout the day. And so it's understandable that we want to throw everything into our refridgerator to keep them cool.

Nonetheless, when it comes to certain foods, doing this is actually detrimental to their taste and expiration dates.

The Different Cuts of Beef You Should Try

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7 January 2014

Cuts of Beef

Whether you are an enthusiastic cook or just a novice in the kitchen it is important to know the different cuts of meat so that you can make an informed choice when making your next delicacy.

Some cuts are more tender then others and thus require less cooking. Other cuts of meat make a difference in certain dishes.

Here is a list of the cuts of beef available on the market and the dishes that they go best with.