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Huda Beauty Is Launching Its First Fragrance

Reality show Huda Boss revealed the exciting news!

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26 July 2018

Huda Beauty Fragrance

Credit: Instagram

A Huda Beauty fragrance is on the horizon, as the Dubai-based makeup brand is set to launch their first scent. The beauty news was revealed during the latest episode of Huda Kattan’s reality TV show, Huda Boss, on Facebook, and will join the brand’s line-up of palettes, foundations, powders, lipsticks and eyelashes.

Huda Kattan’s sister and business partner, Mona Kattan, revealed on Instagram: “It’s official guys!! We’re launching our own fragrance!! Years in the making! I’ve been dying to share this with you all!” So, what can we expect from Huda Beauty’s latest product launch? And, more importantly, what will the fragrance smell like?

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In the Huda Boss episode, Mona travelled to Grasse, France, an area known for fragrance –which means Huda Beauty is also following in the footsteps of Chanel and Dior. Based on the fashionably fragrant town, we can expect the Huda Beauty fragrance to have scents of jasmine flowers, rose and lavender.

Mona demonstrated her love of fragrances by stating "I love perfume. I love it so much that I have dedicated an entire room in my house to perfume" –we’re expecting big things from the cosmectic company’s latest launch.

When will the Huda Beauty Fragrance launch in Dubai?

Unfortunately there’s no date set in place for when we’ll be able to purchase the new Huda Beauty fragrance, but we’ll keep you updated on the product!