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This Beauty Guru Used $3,000 Worth of Makeup For A Tutorial

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5 May 2017

Tati Westbrook expensive makeup tutorial

An average woman spends around $8 (AED 30) on her face every day and doesn’t leave the house till she has approximately 16 products on— sounds shocking, right?

It really isn't — especially when you compare it to what beauty guru and YouTube makeup artist, Tati Westbrook splurged on. Tati is somewhat known as a high-end endorser in the beauty community. She swears by a foundation worth $220 (AED 810) and samples Tom Ford's high-end eye kits like we sample Korean products at Sephora — just for the heck of it.

Top 5 Beauty Influencers In The World Revealed

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11 April 2017

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Top 5 Beauty Influencers In The World Revealed

Forbes popularly profiles and lists the world's richest entrepreneurs, sports stars and Hollywood celebrities.

This year, however, they have forayed into ranking social media stars in the fields of home, beauty, and fitness because the power of the internet simply cannot be denied.

Check out who made it to the top 5 beauty influencers in the world, along with their most watched video on YouTube.