How to remain positive when you are moving abroad? |

How to remain positive when you are moving abroad?

Latest post on 29 October 2019 - 15:18

Dear ladies,

I wrote and actually sign-in to this web page as I was thinking that I am not the only women in the world which is currently suffering. We moved in Austria in January 2019 from Romania. The main reason was my daughter education which indeed is great (she is attending an International School). My husband has a good job, a little lower than his last career level but not very far. Now, I am trying since January to find a job for me but no luck....I am an expert in Supply Chain, with 16+ years experience in management....sometimes I am thinking that if I would have been a waitress I would find easier a job. I am actively applying on all job portals, all headhunters....but out of hundred application I had 6 interviews....but with no luck...the last one was the worst one: this was a wonderful job, at the proper career level for me, I have the first interview very positive, the second one also positive....but suddenly when the hiring managing want to go ahead with recruitment process HR decided that I cannot be hired as I cannot work in the same team with my husband....and to be honest this ruined my self esteem and also the hope that I will find a job in this country.....
So...did any of you have the same experience? Did you go over it?
And how? I am cleaning the house more than needed, I am taking care of daughter, husband, my dog and cat...I am meditating and exercise QuiQong....but in some days is really hard....
I think that the entire experience is hard...moving in a new country where we don't speak the language....and after so many years of work in management I become now a a different type of life.....
Sorry for writing such a long message....and thank you that you are here!!!