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If you are an expat and you are planning to relocate to Egypt for any reasons, then you should read this post. Living in Egypt could be a delightful experience for you, if you have a good guide about the places that you should go, visit and stay in and the places you should avoid to be safe. Though a mediocre country, Egypt it includes some areas that will make even forget that you are in Africa. Below are the most popular areas for expats in Egypt: [b'>Zamalek [/b'> Zamalek is one of the most affluent areas in Egypt, perfectly located in the heart of Cairo across the east side of Nile. It is easily accessible through 3 main bridges in Cairo such as: 6th of October and 15th of May bridges. It is home for many embassies and world’s best hotels including Sheraton, Marriott and Hiliton. Zamalek also includes many fine cafes, restaurants and bars including European cappuccino bars and traditional open air hawas. Apartments for rent in Zamalek comes with average rental price of 3000$ per month. [b'>Maadi[/b'> Maadi is also one of the affluent districts in Egypt which most of its inhabitants are affluent Egyptians and expatriates who are connected to the international corporations there. Though a little bit away from the center of the city, Maadi is a self-sufficient district and once there you feel no need to leave the place. It is a great place to spend the day shopping or have a lunch at one of the fanciest restaurants. Apartments for rent in Maadi come with an average rental price of 2200 $. [b'>New Cairo [/b'> New Cairo is one of the newly developed cities in Egypt and it is home to the best international schools in the country including: the AUC, the AUC, the CIC and the BUE. Thus, it is the perfect place for expat students. New Cairo is a self-sufficient city that you will never feel like leaving it. It includes a wide variety of entertainment and services centers that shall satisfy all your needs such as shopping malls, hyper markets, cinemas, gyms and clubs. Apartments for rent in New Cairo comes with an average price of 1000$ per month. Prices Source: [url=https://www.propertyfinder.eg/en/'>propertyfinder[/url'>