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Latest post on 12 March 2019 - 10:07
Hi there....... I just signed up today and saw your post !!! Sorry to hear you are not happy :-( I am an expat for 26 years now and I just moved to Melbourne 9th move and my 5th country.......... From my experience over the years , you have to get through the first year !!!!! It is not easy but, but it will get better. Don't put to much pressure on yourself !!!! Not sure where you are right now , but I am pretty sure there will be Expat groups around to get in touch with people! And you have to give yourself a lot of time to settle and to find people !! I am happy to stay in touch ....... even if I'm not around the corner ;-) But email or chatting helps !! Because there are so many of us struggling ! All the best !