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Latest post on 08 September 2021 - 16:55
Hi everyone, we are new to Dubai and I just received my first quarterly bill from my residence for A/C and was surprised by a huge monthly A/C maintenance fee: 3000 AED A/C (per quarter) 2000 AED in maintenance fees (per quarter) = total bill 5000 AED per quarter So almost half of the bill is maintenance fees ! The residence said this maintenance cost (calculated at Dh 40 per ton for a 17-ton capacity A/c unit) is normal for Dubai, but I can't find anything about this online. Has anyone else had this experience? Note it's a quite large 3 bedroom "villa" unit in a multi-unit building but we are only 2 people living there and don't use A/C often. Also its in Jumeirah 3 if that's useful. Thanks so much for your help!