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Latest post on 09 February 2019 - 15:29
Dr. Annabelle was nice and seemed to know what she was doing. Although the post delivery complications turned my experience to be a complete nightmare. I had an episiotomy and was cut into my bowel. I had no post delivery exam by anyone so after 6 days when I was in pain with poop leaking thru my cut I was made to wait for days to be referred to see a specialist. That we only saw because we called the ceo of city Hospital. No one was taking me seriously in that hospital. I ended up needing a eliostomy (when you poop in a bag stuck on your belly) that I have had for over 3 months now and will probably have for another 3 months. Lost my milk supply cos of the extended stays at the hospital. I also need therapy to get over the entire experience as I'm really ptsd. I would unfortunately not recommend her to anyone. My little daughter is perfect and healthy tho, but apart from this, worse experience of my life.